Hello. I miss you. You look nice today.

Hi, everyone! This is just a quick, informal-ish post to say . . .



To everyone who has emailed, tweeted, or commented here lately, I apologize for the delay in my replies. I'm always a wee slow when it comes to replying, but now, well, the situation has gotten ridiculous.

So if you've sent me a message lately, I'm sorry. I read and love everything, and I appreciate you taking the time to say "hi." And I will catch up with you all soon!

But, for now, I have a novel to revise.

OH. Wait . . .

So I've decided it would be awesome if one day I could just wake up inside of a Wes Anderson film. A meticulously detailed world with vivid colors and deadpan dialogue. Train rides through India, deep sea diving, and slow-motion running to The Kinks. The mood? A little melancholy, a little wistful.

Like, I wake up. And that's how life is. Just for one day.


I want this.

What do you want?

Also, congratulations to kt literary sister and sparkly Richard Simmons zombie blogger, Carrie Harris, who just sold her first novel! WOO HOO!


  1. Er you want to wake up and your house is suddenly crowded with animals hanging out like it's some kind of Pub Africa or something? Well, I prefer waking up and having celebrities thronging around my living room downstairs *omg i just realized that i am shallow*

  2. Begy — Perhaps not Pub Africa (ha!), but I wouldn't mind Wes actually being in my house ;) So you see! I'm right beside you in the shallow waters.

  3. I see. Yay! So we can just enjoy those celeb companies with all our might because, really, we don't have to swim AT ALL in the shallow waters!!!

  4. I like the whole "Train rides through India, deep sea diving, and slow-motion running to The Kinks", but probably not hanging around in a taxidermy shop. Not even a colorful one.

    I'm glad to hear you are doing well!

  5. I already run around in slow motion to the Kinks. I find it therapeutic.

    And thanks! :) Sparkles all around!

  6. For my writing life, I want the IDEAS and the TIME to decide to fall upon the same day. My muse has a delightful sense of irony. She gives me the best ideas when I have the most whack schedule and have to write in absurdly teeny chunks of time.

    As for waking up somewhere......I dunno. I think I'd like to wake up in a B and B (it could be a castle, you know) in Ireland with fresh scones and butter and IRISH TEA and a notebook, cloudy weather and NOTHING I had to do but write....

  7. Waking up in a Tim Burton movie! Absolutely!!


  8. Wow! This is maybe the shortest SP post ever. You must be swamped. We miss you too. Your posts always brighten my day. Can't wait for that book, so I'll just have to deal.

  9. Did I really read on you tweets that you wrote for 24 hours? How?!

  10. Great post, and welcome back!

    I want to be able to put on headphones like I do when I block out all the outside noise in order to write, but instead, I want them to block out all the noise in my head.

  11. I've been purposely not talking to you, but that's only because I know you're busy. Please know I actually miss you a lot.

  12. I'm feeling ocean deprived. I'd love to walk around Ireland or New Zealand for a while.

  13. This just makes me realize why I am painting my daughters' room the wacky color scheme I chose...so THEY can wake up in a Wes Anderson movie.

  14. Mariah — What about slow-motion running to The Kinks *inside* of a colorful taxidermy shop?

    Carrie — I knew you did. And you're so very welcome! I'm thrilled for you!

    Shelley — I hope when you wake up in that castle, I'm there, too. Not in bed with you or anything. But, like, waiting at the breakfast table with scone crumbs on my chin.

    Sarah Frances — Ooo, YES. I LOVE Tim! And I want to wear a big, gorgeous, black & white, Gothic gown.

    Lotus — Thank you so much :) That means a lot for me to hear.

    Jessie — I DID. FOR REALS. Nothing like a deadline to get the juices flowing! (Did I just say "juices flowing"? Sorry.)

    Elise — Speaking of welcome back! WOW! So wonderful to see you here :) And, um, I want those headphones, too. Desperately.

    Natalie — ♥♥♥

    Myrna — Ooo. I feel relaxed just thinking about that.

    Martha — YES! Yes, yes, YES! You are so my kind of person. (Every room of my house is painted a different color of the rainbow.)

  15. I would LOVE to live in the Tenenbaums house. That game closet is amazing and the little telephone both/room thing, awesome. I wouldn't mind sitting in Rich's tent listening to records with him.
    I dressed up as Margo for Halloween back in the day. Proof

    But really where I dream about waking up is in the Pie Hole. Wearing Chucks outfits, eating pie, singing with Olive and staring at Ned.

  16. Connie — AHH! Margo! I *knew* you were cool :) And yes, Rich's tent! AND THE PIE HOLE. (I always feel so dirty saying that. It's great.) And Chuck = best wardrobe ever, hands-down, period. And all of those candy colors that would be surrounding us. And NED. In his apron, covered in flour and berry juice...