Two Life-Changing Announcements

I temporarily interrupt this Q & A session to bring you TWO IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS. These announcements are life-changing and, therefore, not to be taken lightly. I shall begin with the most important.


We share many of the same readers, so this news may be old hat to some of you, but if it's not, please allow me to fill you in on the incredible details:

Kiersten got a three-book deal.

With HarperTeen.

And it's being fast-tracked for next autumn!

I am so thrilled, excited, and overwhelmed for her. To not only get such an amazing deal, but to get it with her top choice publisher? Life doesn't get better than that. I've had the honor of reading her novel, Paranormalcy, and it ROCKS. If you read her blog, you already know she's hilarious. Well. Paranormalcy is even funnier, has a kick-butt heroine, and . . . two very, very hot boys.

(And you know how I feel about hot boys. And did I mention there are TWO of them?)

If you haven't had the chance to congratulate her yet, please click on the above link. Selling your first book is one of the happiest, most shocking, ecstasy-making moments of any writer's life. She worked hard for this.

I am so proud of you, Kiersten!

Now for my second life-changing announcement:


This is the face of someone whose dreams have just come true.

Last Friday, I got a Very Excited voice mail from my friend, Staci. She'd just heard the news — the Wienermobile was going to be in town. TOMORROW. Did Jarrod and I want to see it?

Pleeeease. Is that even a real question??

(I am so glad that Jarrod and I are the type of people who come to mind when other people think about the Wienermobile.)

On Saturday, we crawled out of bed early — obviously this was a serious matter, if I was awake before noon — and drove out with Staci and her partner, Tai,* to see the glorious, glorious weenie.


We were all clearly excited, so the super-cool guy running the show . . .

who wore this awesome belt, by the way . . .


Then we took about a billion pictures, picked up our free weenie whistles (yesssss!), postcards, business cards, and stickers. Had they sold T-shirts, I am confident we all would have bought one.

[NOTE TO OSCAR MAYER: Why don't you sell T-shirts?]

Actually, what I really want is the belt buckle.

Or this:

"OHMYSTARS," we said. "The license plate says YUMMY."

We only left when we realized we couldn't stay any longer without the rest of the parking lot questioning our sanity. So we did what any giddy Wienermobile fans would do.

We ate hot dogs for lunch!**


* Tai is an astounding artist. He put the '63 (I think) Wienermobile in this painting.

** Thought not Oscar Mayers, as they're actually kinda grody. We ate Vienna all-beef, Chicago-style. Naturally.


  1. I'm just never going to get tired of hearing about Kiersten:) *Dances*

    Also, I'm really jealous of your trip. That's super awesome and dang, girl, you're adorable!

  2. That weinermobile really is serious business.

  3. Yay exciting! Congratulations, Kiersten! (I'll say congrats on her blog, too.)

    And whoa weinermobile! Looks like you had an awesome time.

  4. First: YAY!
    Second: Haha, you two are adorable.
    Third: I'll be sure to leave a more intelligent comment next time. :P

  5. *sputters* How did I not know of this gloriousness? I'm only a half hour away from Asheville!!! :(

    But, at least I've seen it before (and got to sit in the driver's seat. Did you notice the gear shift is a little wienie?)

  6. You may have switched those two in order of importance...

    But thank you : ) Paranormalcy is what it is because you taught me how to edit!

    Also, you are freaking adorable.

  7. I, too, have seen the weenie-mobile....quite impressive, no? But I am jealous because I did not get to go inside!! It was funny because my kids and I were so excited, and the rest of the people in the parking lot just walked on by.

    How can you NOT notice the weenie-mobile??/? And, if you notice but choose to ignore, how can you IGNORE the weenie-mobile???

    people are weird.

    Glad you appreciate the important things in life!


  8. First, I am so excited about Kiersten's book I can't stand it! And a 3 book deal?! I'm green!!!

    Second, y'all are just too cute with the big ole weiner!

  9. I am struck speechless at the sight of the awesome, revered wienermobile.


  10. We're all so totally stoked for Kiersten. That's fantastic!

  11. Yay for Kiersten!

    And for wiener power! That is THE BEST vanity plate ever.

    Have you ever tried Hebrew International hotdogs? They make me think of how the Pigeon describes a hot dog to the Duckling.

  12. You left out the swooning.

  13. Posts like this are exactly why I love reading your blog.

  14. You, Jarrod, and your friends are WAY TOO CUTE. Love that last pic especially. :-D

  15. Natalie — Me either. And thank you :)

    Mariah — For reals.

    Sarah — We did, indeed. It's nice to have friends who share my love of tacky objects!

    Nancy — Thank you! And thanks for commenting! (It was quite intelligent. Tee hee.)

    Beth — NO! It is?? I didn't notice! That's so awesome.

    Kiersten — Aw, shucks :) Thank you. To both comments.

    Shelley — I know! There were so many people who didn't even LOOK at it! Whaaaaaa???? It's a car shaped like a GIANT HOT DOG. How is that not interesting?

    Katie — "Second, y'all are just too cute with the big ole weiner!" I love that. HA! Thank you!

    jckandy — Yesss!! We are clearly members of the same tribe.

    lotus — I've been doing cartwheels for a week now.

    myrna — I have another friend who insists Hebrew International hot dogs are the best, too. I have a feeling you two are right, but I'll need to set up an Official Taste Test to confirm!

    Donna — My grin is huge. Thank you.

    Mindi — Thanks!! We definitely got as much out of the experience as possible ;)

  16. When I got home tonight, the second thing that Rob told me was that he saw the Wienermobile drive by when he was out getting lunch today. That thing really gets around.

  17. Kiersten's news is awesome. The only way it could be more awesome is if it was paired with a free weinermobile.

  18. Carrie, you've just discovered my secret marketing strategy!

  19. So how did Jarrod pull of that fully-extended-arms-stretched-toes-tickling-his-back jump? Incredible.

    My knees would have never recovered from such a maneuver. I would definitely have ended up in a heap, crying.

    Hat's off to Jarrod's dangerous leap for the cause of weiners everywhere. Bravo.

  20. Jumpin' Jack Jerrod. I agree with Ben. Look at that leap! That's some wiener power. And I'm so glad you got your whistle. :) Gotta love the weenie whistle.

    And Yummy! Yes. And so is Kiersten great news. So exciting.

  21. Did Jolie just say wiener power? Yep, she did.

    That's one reason why I love her.

  22. A little late-but those Weinermobile pictures are great. And yea for Kiersten!

  23. Jamey — There are six of them, apparently. Lucky Rob for spotting one in the wild!

    Carrie — Dude, I hear Kiersten is going to BUY a Wienermobile.

    Ben – Jolie is so awesome.

    Jolie — Ben is so awesome.

    Jessie — Thanks and WOO HOO!