I'm Just As Surprised As You Are

This is the face of someone with NEWS.

I'm not sure where to start.

So I'll guide you to this link on my agent's blog. Why don't you read that and come back? I'll wait.

(Still waiting.)

(Still waiting.)

(Did you really read it?)


(Okay . . .)

Remember that publishing timeline I posted the other day? In particular, the part where I said, "THIS IS THE FUTURE AND, THEREFORE, SUBJECT TO CHANGE"? And then proceeded to explain my work schedule on Anna for the next two years until her publication?

Welcome to the future. It has changed.


As stated on my Publisher's Marketplace announcement (linked above on Super-Agent Kate's blog, which I trust you just read), my first novel will hit the shelves NEXT FALL. Not Summer/Fall 2011.

Fall 2010.




And . . . yeah. There are a few more newsy tidbits tucked into that same PM announcement. The most important:

(1) Anna has a new title.

(2) Second Novel's title has been revealed.

I've mentioned before that there was a good chance Anna's title would change during editing (most titles do), and indeed, it has. I think the overall reaction to the original — Anna and the English French American Boy Masterpiece — was "Cool" followed quickly by, "Wait . . . what?"

So now it's just Anna and the Boy Masterpiece.

I'm still happy with the title, and it still meets my goals. I won't share ALL of my reasoning behind it, but one should be quite obvious when you see Second Novel's title:

Lola and the Boy Next Door

Despite everything she's put me through, I'm VERY proud and excited about Lola. And, yes, the announcement says she's a "companion novel." This means that Anna and Lola have overlapping elements, but Lola isn't a sequel. They'll be able to be read independently of one another, though it'll be more fun if you've read Anna first.

(Of course — like everything else — that's all subject to change.)

But back to that whole being-published-a-year-early thing:

(1) Yes, it's rare. My publishing house had an opening in their Fall 2010 catalog for a book like mine, and my amazing editor, Julie Strauss-Gabel, made the push. I am lucky. Very, very lucky.

(2) No, I haven't known for long. Less than a week! It's all still new and shocking.

(3) Yes, suddenly, I have a LOT of work to do.

(4) Yes, I'm panicking. Did I mention I have a lot of work to do? Quite suddenly? And in a much, much shorter time frame?

(5) Yes, I can do it. That chai latte I had last night told me so.

And now for some tweaking on my Official List:


(1) It's a young adult novel.

(2) Hopefully it has some funny bits.

(3) There is kissing. Of course.

(4) Most of it takes place in Paris.

(5) There is an HBM.* (Well, more like an HBM plus.)

(6) It’s called Anna and the Boy Masterpiece.

(7) It's contemporary and realistic. In other words, no vampires or magic. Or magic vampires.

(8) It's set in a boarding school.

It wasn't (originally) intentional, but several important scenes occur on stairs. Though I shouldn't have been surprised when it happened, because the inspiration for the entire story came from a dream (ack, yes) in which I saw a beautiful boy sitting . . . on the steps of a semi-famous monument.

These steps. This monument.

(10) The main character's name is Anna Oliphant.

The Boy Masterpiece himself remains — for now — a secret. But a good one, I promise! And I don't mean a secret like he's a werewolf (see #7, above). He's a secret, because I'm in love with him, and I'm still greedy and protective.


(Not really, not anymore. But my claws are still gripping his arm, and I'm quietly hissing, "Miiiiiine.")

I think that's everything. My head is spinning, and I'm already editing, and all of those things I'd been putting off for another year — like a real website — have to be dealt with NOW. So if you don't see me around Blogville much for the next few months, I hope you'll forgive me next year.


*Hot British Man, for new blog readers


  1. Look, Steph, Thom Yorke and Chris Martin are TALKING!

    (Kiersten uses Steph's momentary distraction to grab THE BOY and run off with him, cackling with glee.)

    Also, you already know this, but I am so, SO pleased with this development. The world needs Anna. Soon.

  2. In Credible!!!!!! I am so happy for you!

  3. I am SOOOO EXCITED to read your book, seriously this is such good news!!!

  4. Anonymous4:43 PM GMT-5

    I will stop lurking for a moment to say congratulations! I can't wait to read it!

    (Back to lurking)

  5. Fan-bloody-freaking-fabu-lawesome Stephanie. Smiling REAL big for you. You are inspiring.

    And now I don't have to wait so long to read your books, "Anna and the Boy Masterpiece" and "Lola and the Boy Next Door!" WOW.

    Those are great titles too. This made my day.

  6. YES! SO EXCITED! I can't wait to meet Anna and THE BOY. Good luck with all the work! You can totally do it. Deep cleansing breaths. Chai lattes. Yoga. Namaste!

  7. That's soooooo exciting. I can't wait to meet the HBM plus. Your book has so many things I love like Paris and kissing and an HBM and funny bits and YA and Paris and kissing and stairs! We'll miss you around here, but if it means the world gets to meet Anna and The Boy sooner then I guess we're just going to have to deal.


  8. Love hearing this type of news. Congrats!

  9. I am so happy for you! (This doesn't effect January trip to Paris, does it?)

    Happy. Happy. Happy.


  10. just keeps getting better and better :) squee!

  11. Holy s***! Now how am I going to sleep with all this news buzzing around in my head? Gotta love editors with power who also love your work. Super wonderful news. For all of us, really.

  12. YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!

    That is flipping awesome!!!!!! And the best part? I only live an hour away from Asheville. I'm SO going to your book launch and bringing cupcakes!


    Yes, I'm so happy for you that you can hardly read it.

  14. Hellooooo. Did I, or did I not predict this? ;-)

    Eeeeeee! So excited for you! Now I just have to hope my date doesn't change so our twin awesomeness can continue...

  15. Also, if you haven't already, you should hurry up and join The Tenners! The membership cut-off date for 2010 debut YA/MG writers is October 2009.

  16. Ohmygoodness exciting!!! Congratulations, and good luck with your new work schedule :)

    I'll miss the old title, but I'll get over it because New Title is good, too. And did I mention how excited I am to get to read Anna sooner? Cuz I am. Very excited.

    Happy new titles and sooner release date! I wish you all the best :D

  17. Thank you, everyone, for your well-wishes! I'm still so happy/giddy/shocked. Just a few quickies, I apologize, as I appreciate ALL of your comments:

    Kiersten — Whaaa? *Steph turns head* NOOOOO!!

    Lurker — Why hello, and thank you!

    Shelley — I sure hope so. I still haven't squared away the apartment situation, but Paris had better still be a go. I need those pastries!

    Paula — My publisher must have known you had a little more time on your hands these days, and THAT'S why they bumped me up. They know you're the secret to my success.

    Beth — Ohmygosh, that would be amazing! I'd love to meet you. And cupcakes are THE BEST!

    Mindi — Twin power!! (We totally need magic rings or something.)

    Mariah — HA!

    Sarah — Thank you so much. And I can't WAIT to be able to share Anna with you!

  18. You are so very cool. I am loving your editor right now.

    Are you feeling the panic yet, or are you putting that off for later?

  19. Congratulations. Sounds like you will be busy, but a whole year early. That's great.

  20. Oh gosh! Jiminy Crispies! I am so excited!!!!!

    Many ice creams and yum food are in store for you! You can do it!!!!


  21. Wheee! So exciting! I'm so happy for you (and me, because now I get to read it sooner!) Weirdly enough, I heard about this from Amanda at Beauty Parade before I read it on your blog.

  22. Quit hogging The Boy! Me wants him!

    Oh, and congrats. ;)

  23. HUGE congrats on having TONS more to do than planned (*heh*). In all seriousness this is SUCH a good thing! Any and all books you'll do for the rest of your life you'll be at least one year ahead now! Now if you figure out how to cram a years-worth of work into a short period of time, please tell me how you did it! I'd REALLY appreciate it :)



  24. That is so awesome!

  25. Anonymous5:18 PM GMT-5

    If you listen very carefully you may hear the delighted screaming of a very strange girl in Ontario.
    I'm so excited to read your book. Knowing (somewhat) the author before she was published...well....
    It makes me feel pretty darn cool.
    I bet your book are marvelous, wonderful, witty, comical and choc full of wickedness. I'm so looking forward to reading them and glad that I don't have to wait an extra year!

    PS And it is refreshing that someone's not writing about romantic vampires. :-/

  26. Wow, Stephanie - that is awesome!!

    Congrats! I am selfishly happy ... I get to read it that much sooner.


  27. Yay yay yay, Steph!!! I'm so happy that Anna is going to be a book SO SOON! That means the ball really gets rolling now and all the excitement of editing and covers (and the tedium of proofing, alas) starts NOW. Wow! I'm SO GLAD. And I happen to know how awesome it already is -- you don't need a whole extra year to make it awesomer :-)

  28. STEPH...this is super-duper-duper-super super news! Except that we are no longer on the same timeline! Was it the wiener mobile? Cuz I'll go in search of it! Seriously, though...so excited for you.

  29. These comments are all so wonderful! Thank you!

    myrna — Ohhhhh, the panic is here, all right. I'm a black belt in panic.

    Alexa — That's so cool! Amanda's the best :) And thank you!

    Jim — *heh* indeed ;) I'm thinking about life-threatening amounts of hardcore drugs to speed me up. Or a magic wish-granting troll. Or a Delorean.

    Jehsyka — If you listen very carefully you may hear the delighted screaming of a very strange girl in North Carolina, right back at you! Thank you.

  30. Congrats!!! So much good news around these writing blogs lately!

    Can't wait to meet Anna and, of course, this mysterious boy!

    Excited for you! Good luck with everything!

  31. I just got my Publisher's Weekly email and saw your announcement in it! It was pretty cool to think, I know her. :) Congrats!! Your book sounds fantastic. I'm personally a huge fan of Hot British Men. :)

  32. Oh. My. God. That is just AWESOME!!!! Being published a year earlier is surely a blessing. FYI, in Indonesia, it IS a rarity. Some of my fellow writers are more likely having their books published one (or two. Or THREE.) years LATER from the deal. So, congratulations for the accomplishment!!! And I have to tell you that I got this feeling about how your book will be HUGE, as in momentously phenomenal!!!! Hope it will also reach Indonesia next fall!!!

  33. Begy — I'm not sure if it'll be in Indonesia next fall, but I'll make sure you get a copy one way or another :) Thank you for your support & for being so awesome!!