This comic has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but I had to share. The Asheville Dilettante and her husband recently introduced me to Hark! A Vagrant, and I'M IN LOVE. A history and literary comic! Kate Beaton — the artist — is my new hero.

More favorites from her site:

Dude Watchin' with the Bront√ęs (major points for the title)
Adams and Franklin

Okay, onto my actual point . . .

I’ve never done a blog Q & A before, mainly because of my near-constant state of paranoia that believes no one would leave me ANY questions, and then I’d look like a doofus tool buttbag.

(Also among my paranoia’s chief concerns: the pungent smell wafting from Mr. T’s litter box, sharks evolving into land animals, and discovering my iPod has been replaced with one that only plays “Who Let the Dogs Out.")

But perhaps you have a question regarding writing or agenting or publishing that I could help you with. Films or books or HBMs or My Celebrity Boyfriends. Working in a library, having blue hair, or . . . er.

I’m out of things.

I’m willing to bet you’re a lot more creative than I am. So if you’re feeling kind and giving and a little curious, please leave some questions in my comments.

I’ll answer anything you ask in a few days. Thanks!


  1. I would love to write, but I am not very disciplined. I have a hard time making myself actually write. What do you do?

    Also, I tend to think of a story before the actual characters take shape, I know everyone does it differently. I think you said you are a character girl. How do you develop your characters? Do you write yourself character outlines? Any advice would help.

    Lastly, you may have answered this before but I can't remember, how did you get hooked up with your agent?

    I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

  2. Just how many HBM's live at/visit your house? Also, is there room for me when I visit someday?

    What was your favorite part about being a librarian?

    If you couldn't dye your hair blue anymore, what would be your fall back color?

  3. If you could only write one genre for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    If you were forced to write nothing but fanfiction for the rest of your life, which world would you choose?

    And finally, when are you coming back to San Diego, because Dojo misses his Aunt Stephanie, and our band seriously needs to practice.

  4. Okay, you said you'd answer anything soooo.....What is the name of one of your characters in your second novel? What are three words that describe this character?



    (If you can't divulge the name for superstitious reasons, which I understand, really I do, then you can give a name that you would have named it if you didn't name it what you did. Savvy?)

  5. Can I present you on my blog when you have ARCS come rolling around? I LOVE the title of your book.

    please =)



    As to a question: what about... How long does it take you to write, from idea to published novel? What happens at each stage of the process?

  7. okay. my Q would be: how do you manage to overcome writer's block?

    and since you're going to have your book published: do you mind if your book is read by a guy? and how do you think about guys who read your book (or blog)?

    because, you see, i'm a GUY!

    i'm just wondering... ;D

  8. Have you ever attended a writer's conference? If so, did it make a difference?

    Do you think this blog helped you sell your first novel?
    Because reading your blog has made me (and I know there are others) want to read your novel.

  9. They asked all my burning questions, so I'll just say that I can't wait to read the answers :-)

  10. And you were worried you wouldn't get questions! GEESH!

    I agree with the above. I love the title of your book and I love the location! Paris! Have you ever backpacked around Europe? What's your favorite place to visit?

    And what is the plot of Anna? I know, I know, you may not answer that, I get it, but hey, I can't be the only one who's wondering from a title like that! =)


  11. Wow, so many great questions have already been asked!

    Okay, here goes:

    1. Why did you decide to be a librarian (before you started writing full time)?

    2. If you could FedEx yourself anywhere, where would you go?

    3. Chocolate or vanilla?

    PS: the name of your book? I agree with everybody else. It's long and funny and fantastic. (and this is the same bookduck as the livejournal one; I'm moving).

  12. THOSE ARE THE BEST COMICS EVER!!! Seriously. Thanks for sharing them, I am eternally in your debt.

    I could totally tell which Bronte was Anne.

    Anyways, question: Darcy or Rochester?

  13. Thank you for sharing those comics, they make me snort w/much-needed laughter :)

    Questions, questions...hmm...
    How about: What fictional character would you like to spend a day as? (As in, you would be them in their world, not, for example, Elizabeth Bennet wandering around modern-day America.)

  14. Hey, J and C, I feel ya. My name's JC, and I have NO discipline. That is an excellent question.

    And, oh, yeah, I have another: why do you always rant about hot guys and HBMs when you're married? You are married, right? Or am I just shooting myself in the foot?