Answers! (Part Two: LIGHTNING ROUND)

This will be quick-ish, as I'm sleepy and anxious to hop in bed. Because bed is awesome. It's where you SLEEP and DREAM and DON'T WORK. Things like vacuuming and laundry and Second Novel are VERBOTEN in bed.

As a follow-up to my last post, Lexi asked:

what is your best pie recipe for attracting the HBMs to your house?

Mmm . . . piiiiiiiiie.

I assume you're recalling the strange occurrence a few months ago, in which I discovered several coded messages regarding pie underneath my weeping cherry tree. Matthew Macfadyen and Lee Pace were somehow involved, but the details remain unclear.

What are you up to, Pie Maker?

However, one thing was made clear that afternoon: Hot British (and non-British) Men care about pie.


So I called my HBM Celebrity Boyfriends to ask what type of pie would be the most likely to lure them to your doorstep. Here's how they responded:

CHRIS MARTIN: Chocolate! Anything chocolate! Chocolate cream, chocolate marshmallow, chocolate peanut butter. Double chocolate is always wicked . . . ooo, with one of those Oreo crusts? And served with a drizzle of hot fudge? And a glass of chocolate milk?

Do meat pies count?

Blackberry, with one of them fancy lattice tops.

THOM YORKE: Pie? It's two in the [#$%@#*^] morning, and you're [#$%@#*^] calling me about [#$%@#*^] pie? Are you [#$%@#*^] mad?

Hope that helps! As for your second question:

if i traded you an ice cream, would you let me read your book? every one else is asking to read it as well, but i figure i have an edge because i have ice cream.

I like the way you think, Lexi. This will get you far in life.

My answer is a two-parter:

(A) Anna is on the verge of another monstrous edit, so even though I am incredibly (!!!) flattered by the interest, she's not at a stage where I'm comfortable sharing her.

BUT . . .

(B) As soon as she is — if you're still interested — I am quite devoted to cake.

And pie.*

Natalie asked:

If you couldn't dye your hair blue anymore, what would be your fall back color?

Last autumn, I wanted to dye the streaks a bright yellow-gold (so my hair — combined with the natural red — would kinda/sorta look like fall leaves), but my stylist refused on the grounds that after being blue, my hair wouldn't take gold well. Something about blue and yellow being on opposite ends of the color wheel? Maybe?

Something like that.

Anyway, it would have turned a very NON-golden color. So I stuck with blue. There's nothing else I'd really try, because most colors would clash with the rest of my hair. I'll probably keep the blue streaks for a few more years and then return to 100% redhead.

But . . . once my hair turns gray, I'd LOVE to dye the whole thing Run Lola Run red.

Because Lola is the coolest.

More answers on the way. Hope you all are having fabulous Tuesdays!

*For me, strawberry rhubarb. Or lemon sour cream! With whipped cream, the REAL kind, not the kind from a can. Although I'll take the can if that's all you have. You can spray it directly into my mouth. Please.


  1. Heehee! Yay for pie!

    ...and because I can't resist talking about the color wheel...

    Technically, purple is directly opposite yellow on the color wheel, and orange is opposite blue (complementary colors). This means they contrast strongly with each other. It also means that you can add purple paint to yellow paint and get a darker yellow. But yellow and blue are still opposite enough to mix in potentially icky ways.

    (Perhaps you already knew that? In which case, thanks for letting me ramble.)

  2. Mmm...pie.

    Chris Martin is my pie soul mate.

  3. Sarah — I didn't know, so thank you for explaining! Makes perfect sense now!

    Mariah — I'll let him know. Maybe he'll stop by for pie the next time he's in your neck of the woods! Don't forget the chocolate milk ;)

  4. YUM STRAWBERRY RHUBARB. I recently made a very yummy strawberry rhubarb CRUMBLE, as opposed to PIE. The best part about making a crumble/cobbler is eating the crumbled part before you bake it. Basically butter and sugar and oatmeal all mixed together. mmm.

    And I will keep a cake ready AT ALL TIMES. With ice cream AND whipped cream, because that is how I eat my cake.

  5. i love your blog


  6. i'm sorry i did not elaborate my comment on previous post. as far as i know (well, observe), i might be the only guy who reads your blog (or at least, who leaves comment which makes me the only visible guy). but really, i don't mind! i LOVE reading your blog! even though you talk about guys A LOT, you deliver it with amusing and entertaining way! thus, although i haven't read your book (since it's going to be published in 2011 -but, really, i'm DYING to read it SOONER-), i knew from the way you respond questions that you're going to be one of my few fave authors (and you already are!). i just knew it!

    and as for this dye thing, i like your blue dyed highlight! it's striking!

    and i do apologize if my English is bad, since it's not my first language. I am from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia (that's, like, 30 hours bus trip from Bali, in case you wonder :D)

  7. I did Run Lola Run red at one point. Every time I walked past my friends, they made fire engine noises. Just thought I'd mention that so you're prepared.

  8. bumblebeesies — Thank you so much! That's very kind of you to say. (And I adore your screen name. Cute!!)

    Begy — Your English is AMAZING. I was quite startled when you said you lived in Indonesia! I'm not familiar with Bandung, West Java but I do have a very close friend who grew up in Bali. The pictures of her country are always so beautiful and mind-blowing! And thank you again for the compliments. I appreciate them very, very much.

    Carrie — Ooo, do you have pictures?? I bet that looked awesome!

  9. Hey Begy,

    Chatting with the girls I am, one of them I am not!

    There's one more guy in the room at least. Though I'm not from as cool a place as Indonesia. You know Stephanie's a good writer and #%&# funny when she gets us to stick around and put up with all the hbm celebrity boyfriends talk.

    Stephanie, is it just me, or is Chris Martin's chocolate slant perhaps tainted by your own? Just wondering.