HCB (Hot Cartoon Boys)

So I was just thinking about Trent Lane from Daria.

Do you remember him?

Of course you do. Because he was TOTALLY HOT.

I know I'm not the only girl who grooved on that deep sleepy voice and those armband tattoos. I've always found it a wee unfair that the world is filled with billions of smoking hot cartoon chicks, but seriously lacking in hot cartoon boys. Most of them are so beefy. And superhero-y.

Which is fun and great and all, but not exactly boyfriend material, you know?

And I know it's weird to be talking about hot cartoon characters, but whatever. Like that's ever stopped me before! I mean, my first crush EVER on ANYONE was a cartoon character:

Stephanie's First Love

What can I say, Robin Hood was . . . a fox! (Cough. Snort.) And I so wanted to be Maid Marian. I wanted to dance with him surrounded by fireflies in Sherwood Forest, and I wanted to kiss him and marry him and live happily ever after.

And I wanted to borrow his cool pointy green shoes. And his hat.

To this day, I still have a peculiar obsession with Robin Hood. I'll watch any adaption, and I have a shelf filled with scholarly texts. I wonder what that says about me?


As far as other animal cartoon crushes go, once upon a time I also had it bad for Wordsworth from Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats. Remember him? He had roller skates and headphones and talked in rhyme? (No? Just me?)

To be frank, not nearly as hot as I remember.

I also had a thing for Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

Him? (Arrested Development voice.)

Shaggy is the third guy here wearing green. Significant?

Probably, because I also loved Peter Pan.

This Peter was slightly less gender-bending than most.

As an adult, I think the only cartoon(ish) character who made me sit up straight was Victor in Corpse Bride. Surprisingly, he isn't skinny nor is he dressed in green. And I like him anyway! It was this scene that did it for me:

A piano-playing, stop-motion Johnny Depp? Of course I love!

But still. Trent.


He was unusual, wasn't he? I tried to find a cool video of him, for anyone not of the Daria generation, but there weren't many to choose from. (Darn those copyrights.) This one made me laugh though:

So let's open the comments to silliness. What cartoon characters make YOU swoon? (If there are any guys still reading this — and if there are, bless you, I love you — feel free to speak up about which cartoon ladies you dig! I, for one, think that esurance girl is a babe.)


  1. Aw, Trent. Man, I loved that show. And completely agree! I always liked Aladdin, personally. He was very resourceful and any dude with a monkey as a best bud has my vote. =)

  2. I was in love with the anime characters: Mamoru/Darien from Sailor Moon (this one was the main one!), I liked Gohan quite a bit, Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo was so cute...

  3. When I was in kindergarten I used to speed-walk home every day so that I could watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I totally had a crush on Leonardo. And, lest you think you're the strangest, I also had a little turtle doll (Turtle Tots? Anyone remember those? Anyone?) and I would pretend I was April O'Neal and I was married to Leo and that was our baby. And sometimes people would make fun of it (in my imagination, not in real lief) and I'd get really mad at them for being so prejudiced against half humans half mutant turtles.

    We would have been best friends, Steph.

  4. Ohhhh, Steph...I'm just gonna do a post. Since, well, most of my crushes were cartoons for the majority of my teen years.

  5. I worked at the NY Ren Faire with the guy who did the voice of Trent. Not to burst your bubble, but he looks nothing like his character. GREAT voice, though!

  6. Just for you, Steph.


  7. Charlotte Netz/sweden11:13 AM GMT-5

    The bad fairy queen in Sleeping beauty had me at the first sight. I loved her badness,the raven in her company,her long red fingernails...
    I was seven years old and I wanted to grow up fast so that I could become a witchy woman too.

    Now at age 45 and many spells later - I can say that I am! HA!
    But I didn´t have that badness within me, so I guess in the end, you can say I ended up like on of the three fairy godmothers - sweet as sugar pie!

  8. DJ — Ooo, Aladdin WAS cool. And I totally wanted to be Jasmine. She was definitely the prettiest of the Disney ladies.

    Amanda & Natalie — I knew I missed out on some hot anime boys! Drat! Why didn't I watch Sailor Moon??

    Kiersten — HAHAHAHA!! YES! Raphael was my favorite (he was so sullen). And I sooooo wanted to be April. And Turtle Tots! Snort!!

    Daphne — Eek, I know. I accidentally ran across his picture last night while looking for Trent. I was SO disappointed. Trying to erase from my memory! *Must. Imagine. TRENT.*

    Charlotte — Oh, the bad queen is AWESOME. I love her!

  9. When I was young, I had a crush on... wait for it... Handy Smurf. Something about those overalls...

  10. Carrie — Ha!! Snort snort. Painter Smurf was my favorite, because he was an ARTIST and, therefore, SOPHISTICATED. And he spoke with an accent.

  11. There are a lot hunkier guys on cartoons now than when I was a kid. But I did have a thing for Aquaman.

  12. I remember having a crush on one of the Voltron dudes.

    I LOVE that you had a crush on the foxy Robin Hood!!

  13. thanks for the comment! your book sounds super cute by the title.

    and my super hot cartoon crush was Tuxedo Mask.

    also, wouldn't Simba (after the second half of Hakuna Matata) be really hot as a human?

    just sayin.

  14. Okay, mine are:

    Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty (the other disney princes just stand around....he kicks some serious dragon a**, and, he gets to give the kiss of true love.)


    Beast (from Beauty and the Beast, but before he changes to a human....he's so, oh, I dunno, untamed.....*sigh*.)

    Embarrassingly enough, when my eldest daughter first saw Beauty and the Beast, she said ( in all her three year old wisdom), "Mommy, Gaston reminds me of Daddy."

    (I think it was the hair-do.)

  15. personaly - the wonder twins. 2 are better than 1 ha!

  16. Lotus — My husband loves Aquaman too! Though not like that. Because he was the only cartoon character who wore orange, which is his favorite color.

    Amy — Wait. Weren't the Voltron guys robots? (Not that, cough cough, that's any odder than digging a fox.)

    ZAC — Thank you! And I TOTALLY AGREE about Simba.

    Storyqueen — Hahaha!! Gaston! And it's funny, while searching for pictures for this post, I ran across SO MANY PEOPLE professing pre-prince Beast love! You are not alone :)

    Shelli — [Stephanie tries to control her laughter.] SO. AWESOME.

  17. Um... Prince Ahshitaka from Princess Mononoke is pretty hot.

    And I agree-- the prince from Beauty and the Beast is SO UGLY when he's a man! Belle should have changed into a girl-beast at the end, like in Shrek.

  18. Twin English boys on Barbie and the Diamond Castle. My pulse quickened.

  19. okay. i AM a guy. and i read your blog. i even LINKED your blog in mine.

    anyway, i always have a thing for Usagi Tsukino of Sailor Moon.

    and having a crush with CARTOON doesn't automatically makes us, u know, mentally ill, right?

    i'm just wondering... :D

  20. Okay, let's list your crushes one by one:
    TRENT: Hot. No arguments.
    ROBIN HOOD: Wha-? A tad hairy, don't you agree? But I know what you mean. To be truthful, I had a thing for Robin Hood as well.
    SHAGGY: Oh, damn. I LOVE Shaggy. His hippie ness. His weird long arms and his green t-shirt. Aw. Shaggy is the way to go.
    PETER PAN: Frankly, he's a guy who wears tights. (*cough* GAY *cough*)
    VICTOR: Loved the clip, though I've never seen the movie. But are you kidding me?? Victor's as skinny as hell!!!!!! But he's pretty cool.
    This may seem weirdest of all, but I always loved O'Malley from The Aristocats. What a tank. I love orange cats.

  21. Oh, and also:
    Alladin is the bomb. And Jasmine has always been my favorite princess. It was my life goal to own a pet tiger.
    And also, aren't you married??!

  22. Lexi — You are SO RIGHT. Your alternate-ending would have been amazing! And I still haven't seen Princess Mononoke. [hangs head in shame]

    Jessie — Twin English boys?! Be still, my heart.

    Begy — Thank you so much for linking me!! And surely if we ALLLL find cartoon characters attractive, we're sane. At least that's the story I'm sticking with ;)

    jckandy — Er, you're right. Victor IS skinny. (What on Earth was I thinking?) And if you like orange cats, does that mean you like Garfield? Hee hee. Also, yes, I am married. But here is THE SECRET about marriage: cute people are still cute once you get married! You just have to find someone who is nice and kind and won't get jealous when you're like, "Mmm. Clive Owen." And in return, you must be nice and kind and not jealous when he says, "Mmm. Audrey Tautou."

  23. I can't remember who I had a crush on when I was a kid. Raphael from TMNT, for sure.

    Currently, at age 31, I have a huge thing for Anakin Skywalker on The Clone Wars cartoon. That's the show I'm most looking forward to returning in the fall.

  24. Did anybody else what Kidd Video on Saturday mornings? I loved that guy!!!



  25. Holy smokes! Are you the cutest thing or what?!

  26. just came here via BJW's dubbing, and had to scroll back this far because i kept wanting to read the thing-that-came-before... wow.

    so. Batman. cartoon batman all the way. i'm also a fan of Baloo in Jungle Book (okay, i like 'em bear-like, so sue me)

    and for the girls, is there anyone better than Kim Possible? (i think the esurance girl must have been modeled on Kimmy)

  27. Jet — Welcome to my blog & thank you!! That's the BEST compliment you could give me.

    Yes. BATMAN. And I could never diss a bear-crush with my fox infatuation :)

    And you're soooo right — the esurance girl and Kim Possible could be totally be sisters!

  28. Anonymous4:31 PM GMT-5

    I love Trent! I even named my kitty Trent! He is white, with a black tail and a little messy black patch on his head, with green eyes. He is adorable!