This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Jim Sturgess just looked all nice & jaunty. Also, he's lacked blog-time lately, and how else will people find me, if not through "Jim Sturgess Images" searches?

Isn't it weird how even though blogging is, like, this totally optional thing, you can still suffer hardcore guilt whenever you ignore it for a few days?

Or at least I do.

Guilt guilt guilt.

Feeling slightly bummed by my first real week back with Second Novel and discovering IT STILL HATES ME. We're working through our issues, but it's not easy or pleasant or even barely tolerable. Also, BEA (BookExpo America) is happening right now, so I'm a frumpy green monster of jealousy. 95% of my favorite authors are in attendance, whooping it up and collecting free books and exchanging blissful rainbow smiles made of candy.

And I am here. With Second Novel.

Who is mocking me and whispering evil taunts into my ear canal like, "You'll never be invited to BEA, because you have to conquer me first and you will NEVER conquer me because I AM INVINCIBLE and you are a WORTHLESS TADPOLE! SUCK ON THAT, CRAPNUGGET!!!"

Second Novel is really starting to tick me off.

And yet the only way to beat it is to spend more time with it. Which feels a little unfair. Sometimes I wish my occupational desires ran more along the lines of shrimp boat captain or wedding photographer or lion tamer.

But I digress.

And digress again. I love his hair.

So my Shameful Bookfest officially ends today. Which means I have only a few hours left to finish the The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Vol. 1: The Pox Party which, apart from having THE GREATEST TITLE IN RECORDED HUMAN HISTORY, is also INCREDIBLY CHALLENGING and therefore NOT THE BEST NOVEL to save until last.

I'm thinking perhaps I re-read too many princess books in between the novels on my self-imposed Required Reading List. The chances of me finishing this challenge on time are not looking positive.

Er, whoops?

But the awesome thing about Octavian Nothing is that it's set in Revolutionary Era Boston, which I've just learned tons about! Pretty sweet timing, no? (By the way, I still have lovely intentions to post about Boston/LeakyCon. My blogging skills just crumble once I get in Serious Writer Mode. It's difficult to do both at once. Or, maybe, I'm just lazy. You decide.)

But I'm digressing again. And . . . am TOTALLY ABOUT TO ONE-UP MYSELF:

I've watched that video waaaay too many times to admit to in a forum my husband reads.

Ah hem.

Jane Eyre! And Uglies! Which I READ! And loved! Both of them!


I've decided to discuss them in bullet points, because it's my blog, and I can do whatever I like.


• You were right! I should have read this years ago. I loved it. And I'm already looking forward to reading it again. And, you know, renting the movies. And reading the related books, like The Eyre Affair and Jenna Starborn and such.

• No, I am not obsessive. Why do you ask?

• Mr. Rochester is HOT. Hot hot HOT. Like, molten core boiling lava on burned toast hot. I knew he was supposed to be Mister Dark, Mysterious, and Brooding, so I expected that also meant silent. But he was a talker! And funny! A welcome surprise.

• Unfortunately, I already knew about The Thing In The Attic (it's hard to work with books and NOT know the secrets to classic novels), but I didn't know about the very end. So I was relieved to discover it was a happy one. I confess I much prefer happy endings with a true love that lasts forever and ever and ever, as opposed to those challenged by untimely death or lasting bitterness or stupid television plot devices that make characters CHEAT or BREAK UP just to keep the ball rolling. No! Give me kissing and endless devotion. I'm a sap like that. Bravo, Charlotte Brontë!

• Speaking of Charlotte, what do you guys think of her other novels? Should I read? Do they have happy endings? Or are they more Emily Wuthering Heights-ish?


• Whee! What fun! Why do I have to read Octavian Nothing? I want to read Pretties instead!

• Um, why can't I think of anything intelligent to say?

• Seriously, it's as if my brain has shut off.

• It's all, "JIMSTURGESS JIMSTURGESS JIMSTURGESS." Which is totally unhelpful.

• Oh drat. Just believe me when I say I really, really liked this book, okay? And I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

So sad I can't read Pretties yet. And that Second Novel is such a butthole.

Have a wonderful afternoon, everyone. Happy reading!

(Anyone else watching the MTV Movie Awards tonight? I'm almost too embarrassed to admit it here, but whatever. I'm a sucker for an awards show.)


  1. Jane Eyre rocks!

    I started reading Octavian Nothing last week...it's peculiar...

    I'll probably tape the MTV awards. Too much work to do!!!

    Maybe if you showed some pictures of Jim Sturgess to Second Novel it would cooperate. Just sayin'.

  2. I've published 8 books and am not at BEA either.....pout, pout, pout, but it is good to be in good company. Laurie Halse Anderson isn't there either, and is leading a big pout-fest this weekend. (Check out her blog.) Those naughty famous authors and their rainbow candy smiles.......ugh! (jealous? me? never.)

    Anyway, you have two choices about your buttly second novel:

    1. Whip it into shape.
    2. Maybe it wants to go in a different direction than you think it should, and that is why you are fighting with it. You could always try and see where it wants to go for a while....you never know.

    Good Luck!!

    (and hang in there. nobody (and this includes manuscripts) can be a pain in the a** for an unlimited amount of time......it's just not possible.)


  3. Yay, now I don't feel as bad about being wildly jealous of the BEA people.

    Maybe we should switch our stinky WIPs and write for each other! That would be entertaining. You can have my invisible girl for a while. I bet second novel is way cooler than her.

    Jane Eyre is pretty cool. Uglies is on my TBR shelf right now, taunting me. Sigh.

  4. LOVE Jane Eyre. LOVE IT. You may also like The Professor--it's super short, but also has a sweet ending.

    As for Octavian Nothing? Eh. Super eh. I felt as if it was 300 pages of boredom for a few pages of a twist.

  5. Can I please hang out with you and Jim instead of writing my butthole of a cover letter? My craptastic cover letter and your extremely naughty second novel can sulk together in the corner.

  6. Lovely video. He does have nice hair.

    I'm sorry Second Novel isn't playing nice. Maybe you should kick his butt and then kiss and make up.

    Rewrites are kicking mine right now, but I'm hoping we can be BFF again really soon!

    Good luck!

  7. Fun video. I can see why you've watched it so many times.

    I love Jane Eyre.

    The Uglies series is fantastic. The whole thing. Good luck with the Octavian Nothing book. It's still on my TBR pile. I keep putting it off. I heard it was really boring and there are so many other cool ones waiting. If it does hold up let me know so I can drag it up from the bottom of the pile and quit passing it by.

  8. Somehow the Jane Eyre related reading has slipped through my brain cracks. I feel like I've read all the Jane Austen spawn fiction, but this is something new to tackle...

  9. Mariah — I was a wee disappointed by the movie awards this year. They made me feel OLD. (I AM NOT OLD!)

    Shelley — Thank you for the words of encouragement. I think you're right, I'm fighting too hard to move it in one direction. Time to switch tactics and ATTACK!

    Natalie — Deal. Let's switch.

    Beth — Woo hoo! Thanks for the rec! I'll check it out.

    Kiersten — Mr. Sturgess says you can come if you bring cake.

    Myrna — Good luck with your rewrites! It's funny (but not), because when I revise, I always HATE it and want to write something new, but when I'm writing something new . . . well. You know.

    lotus — It IS kind of boring. Interesting, but boring. Does that even make sense? I really WANT to like it, but there are so many princess books calling my name.

    Alyssa — I was the same way! It was nice to branch out (although Miss Jane will always be number one in my heart).

  10. See, you go and post these AtU vids and JS pics and I feel my obsession calling... me back again.

    Oh, Steph, you are such an enabler!

  11. Min — Mwahaha! *enable enable enable*

  12. You had me at Jim Sturgess.