Blackbringer is available in paperback!

Who are these fearsome (and -- cough -- fiercely attractive) individuals? I think they're in the Rathersting clan!

Laini Taylor’s first Dreamdark novel, Blackbringer, is finally out in paperback. Huzzah!

In case you haven’t read it, Blackbringer is the story of Magpie Windwitch, a devil-hunting faerie who lives with a clan of cheroot-smoking crows. They're my favorite type of heroes – tough, a little sketchy, and very funny. The novel is also packed with dragons, djinn, a scavenger imp named Batch Hangnail (I LOVE her names, don’t you?), and a particularly yummy warrior prince named Talon Rathersting.

Talon has tattoos and knitting needles, you guys.

Laini has a fantastic voice. The language and the world are exquisite and original, and there’s a brilliant element of horror woven throughout. And, of course, there’s a looovely blossoming romance. Happy sigh.

And – AND! – the novel is fortunate to be illustrated by Laini’s super-duper talented husband, Jim Di Bartolo. His illustrations are the perfect compliment to her text, tinged with the same blend of darkness and beauty. There’s one I’m particularly in love with, a picture of Magpie’s friend, Poppy Manygreen, and her gorgeous swallowtail butterfly wings. It makes the child inside of me ache with longing to be the beautiful Poppy!

So. Just in case anyone is wondering if I'm gushing simply because the fabulous, pink-haired Laini HAPPENS to be a dear friend of mine, allow me to point this out: Before I was her friend, I was a fangirl. (Proof.) We became friends because I loved her writing. So yes! You can believe me when I tell you to READ BLACKBRINGER.



And if you haven’t read it yet, now is the perfect time, because then you’ll be ready for the September release of her second Dreamdark novel, Silksinger.

(Yes, I’ve read it. And yes, it’s AMAAAAAZING.)

And – AND! – this October, Laini and Jim have another book coming out. It’s called Lips Touch, and it has three supernatural tales that all revolve around…


And now you know why I love her so much.

(Yes, I’ve read this one too. And it’s wonderful. And I’ll tell you all about it SOON but not TODAY because TODAY is about BLACKBRINGER. WHICH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY BUY. TODAY.)

In other awesome book news, Mindi Scott is getting published! Her novel, Scratching at the 8-Ball, was just bought by Pulse (Simon & Schuster), and she'll be working with her dream editor, Leisa Abrams. YAAAAAY!!!

I met Mindi at last year's Western Washington SCBWI conference, and ever since, we've been continually amazed as our lives have mirrored each other. Last January, we even accepted agent representation on the exact same day! (Maybe now we'll share a pub date? That would be so cool.)

So if you have a moment, head on over to Mindi's blog to congratulate her. It's a HUGE day for her. I'm so happy for you, Min!


  1. That is an adorable picture of you and Jarrod!

    And I agree--Blackbringer was so, so good. I'm so excited for the sequel and verrrrrry jealous of your ARC privileges...

  2. That's pretty awesome. I really love the cover art!

    List of things to do:

    1. Read Blackbringer
    2. Get faerie tattoos.

  3. Awwww! Thank you so much for this, Steph. Before reading this, I was just responding to you on my journal with a reference to our dopplegangerness. Too, too funny!

    My Tentative Publication Date according to this here deal memo is "Fall 2010." But I will not be the least bit surprised if it somehow changes to whatever yours is. :-D

    It's so cool how much things have changed since the conference. You met the agent who is now your agent there, and Laini and Jim who are now your dear friends. And I was there. And Liesa, too. Pretty good stuff, I'd say!

  4. Kiersten -- Thank you :) And if you just moved to NC, you could borrow Lips Touch. Hint hint.

    Mariah -- Jim's art IS fantastic. And, yeah, you toootally need tattoos!

    Min -- Oh my gosh, I know! That conference!! EVERYTHING happened there. It was one of the most fortunate weekends of my life. I'm so thankful I went. (And congrats again!)

  5. Am packing right now...

  6. Thank you, Steph! You know, the book love goes both ways :-)

    And congrats to Mindi! Jim and I adore Liesa; I can only imagine she is a joy to work with.

  7. Fiercely attractive!

  8. Okay. I'm going to buy the tattoos, but I am resigned to the fact that I shall not look as kewl as you do when I wear them. Hair stripes + fairy tattoos = awesome.

  9. Love Blackbringer! I'm saving my tattoos for the perfect occasion.

    Congratulations Mindi! I can't wait to read your book, which has an AWESOME title!

    (and guess what steph-- I'm listening to Coldplay right now!)

  10. Thanks so much Laini and Lexi! And to Steph again, too. :-)

  11. Blackbringer is pure awesomeness. There are no dogs named Myrna Mountweazel.

    I read Paper Towns today, and loved the Leaves of Grass connection and the road trip. It was a great book. Thanks for the recommendation.

  12. Anonymous2:02 PM GMT-5

    I desire Lips Touch more than I desire ice capps from Tim Hortons! (Yes, my desire is that intense.)
    I have read merely a snippet of Lips Touch and it made me crave more ridiculously.
    I also can't wait for Silksinger. Seriously, I've read Blackbringer five freakin' times! True, it's marvelous each time, however I'm ready to see what's going to happen to Magpie and Talon and the new Whisper faerie!

    PS Did you just call Talon yummy? 0.0