Team Gale vs. Team Peeta

I realize I'm the last YA blogger on Earth to talk about The Hunger Games, but OHMYSTARS, HOW FRIGGING AMAZING WAS IT? I'm kicking myself for letting it sit on my to-read pile for so long! It made for the BEST reading day yesterday. I couldn't put it down.

For the handful of people who visit this blog who aren't as familiar with teen literature, this novel is a Big Deal right now. It's a Brave New World-esque story set in a North American dystopia, about a sixteen year-old girl sent to play in the nation's Hunger Games. The Games are played by two children from each district, for a total of twenty-four contestants. It is a televised fight to the death. There can only be one winner.

I'd only heard great things about this book. That the writing was superb and the action fast. That the characters were three-dimensional and the situation gripping. All of this is true.

But what no one -- no one -- told me, is that this novel also has KISSING!


Because had I known about the absolutely positively delicious love triangle tangled into the plot, I would have read this months ago! SO. GOOD.

So . . . I'm curious. For those of you who've already read the book: Are you Team Gale (best friend) or Team Peeta (tribute)?

'Cause I'm TOTALLY Team Gale.

Very curious to see where this is all going. Eek! I can't wait until the second book, Catching Fire comes out in September.

[Warning: There are spoilers in the comments!]


  1. Gale has a cooler name than Peeta. 'Nuff said.

    Also, he's more hardcore. Can't wait for Catching Fire!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, I'm very interested to see where she takes it in the next book. But Peeta--he was so earnest and sweet!

    Also, the only thing that bothered me was the wolves at the end--where the crap did that come from? It was the one aspect that crashed through my suspension of disbelief. Ah well.

  3. Sigh, I really don't know. I feel so BAD for Peeta. He put himself out there—his admission of a lifetime crush on her is what saves them. And she kinda...fakes it. I'm not very happy with Katniss right now, though I know she had to do what she did to survive. I don't really think she deserves him.

    That being said, I really liked Gale. And it seems like they "belong" together. But then I just feel so bad for Peeta because he SAVED her! Ugh...can you tell I'm too invested in this one? It hurts my heart.

  4. Lexi -- Gale's totally hardcore.

    Kiersten -- Peeta WAS sweet, and I liked him very much (especially the kissy bits). But he's no Gale. (Even though, er, we don't know much about Gale yet.) And I KNOW: the wolves!!! What??? Agreed, the wolves did bring an unnecessary element of lame.

    Natalie -- Oh goodness, I feel bad for him too. His poor, sweet broken heart. (That last scene!) It'll be interesting to see how Collins will get Katniss with Gale (because I REALLY think she'll get with Gale), without hurting poor Peeta. (Peeta needs a "Reneseme." Hee hee.)

  5. Ha, Steph, I do wonder if she's going to pull that! Like, um, there's Prim, hehe.

    Yeah, that last scene killed me! I wanted to throw the book across the room I felt so sad for him.

    Ack, must stop thinking of this. I'm getting all worked up and teary. I'm over involved in fictional people's lives.

  6. Natalie -- Hee hee! I had the same thought too (with Prim)! But I bet/hope she's got something even better up her sleeves. And I know what you mean about getting worked up about fictional people. It's bad enough in books like this -- but my own novels? I've had SO MANY sobbing sessions and panic attacks over what I've done to them! Yeesh!

  7. Aw, I've so been there! One of my books I bawled like half the time. It was ugly. The current WIP just stalls out and I stress because I don't want to torture my poor characters.

  8. I hardly know Gale. She kept saying they look so much alike. I bet they are really half siblings or something. So it can't work out...or ewe. I'm a fan of Peeta, but I agree Katniss needs to deserve him. And Kiersten, yes wolves were way too wierd for me.

  9. Tee hee hee, leave it to you: team Gale or team Peeta. It's so funny, Jim and I are completely divided on this. I say Gale, obviously. Katniss has just been so busy surviving that she hasn't had a chance to realize what her feelings are for him. But Jim will be outraged, I think, if she and Peeta don't end up together!

    Can't WAIT for Catching Fire! We're trying to weasel an ARC out of Scholastic :-)

  10. You know...I'm thinking I'm Team Peeta. I don't think I know enough about Gale, and his actions in the next book will determine a lot for me, but Peeta was just so sincere...

    1. Gosh people! Don't wanna be a spoiler for Mockingjay but Gale did something very bad... Unforgivable. But no I'm not team Peeta either although he has character at least... I'm team FINNICK! rip

    2. Me too. Finnick go all the way!!!! <3

  11. I am totally Team Gale. I just feel SORRY for Peeta. But that shouldn't make me want him with Katniss. However, now I am all worried Gale's Katniss's relative, thanks to you commenters! But what is this, a VC Andrews book? Noooo. Stop making me nervous, people!

  12. I think I might be team Peeta. And it's so funny that you have pointed this out. I never really thought about it. It killed me when she left Peeta.

    She'll go back to Gale in book two and then realize she loves Peeta. I mean he's loved her his whole life!

  13. Wow! We're evenly split.


  14. I'm with Jessie. I keep thinking that Kat and Gale are related and that will be the way out and she will end up with Peeta. I so wanted her with Peeta at first, but by the end I was so Team Peeta! I can't wait for Catching Fire! Why do we have to wait all the way til Sept?

  15. Stephanie,
    Hey we met backstage at PBB, I don't know why I didn't think to talk to you about books, we could have talked for hours.
    Funny all my friends are team Peeta. Peeta is great but come on Gale is hot and I have a feeling he is going to blow us away in Catching Fire.

  16. Connie -- YAY! How cool to find you here on my blog! It was so nice meeting you. And I KNOW. Gale is hot! Why do more people not realize this? ;)


  18. Anonymous8:12 PM GMT-5

    All my friends told me to read this book so i did and i fell completely in love with it loved it so much better than twilight its just so great i am sad to say that id ont like gale hes just not right for her it makes me so mad when she talks about him. I love PEETA i am forever and nothing can change it TEAM PEETA i love him so much i dont even like to think hes not real but anyway katniss needs to end uo with him and i hope catching fire doesnt have a leave you hanging ending like the hunger games but anyway Team Peeta all the way

  19. Team Gale all the freakin' way.

    I remember reading the review for the book before I actually read the book, so I knew that it wouldn't be Gale going to the reaping and I was like "NO! THEY BELONG TOGETHER!"

    Also, Peeta's weak thing bugged the crap outta me and he should've made it more clear that this was real for him.

    I want to read the book from Gale's POV so bad!

    Oh, yeah, TEAM GALE

  20. Had to seek out some more Team Gale peeps after finishing Catching Fire. See I was convinced after the first one that it was gonna be Kat/Peeta ultimately, but this one...IDK! It reinvigorated my hope even though the relationships really get equal time. I don't see how she's ever gonna make Kat choose. I wonder if the endgame is for her to be alone, or even possibly to die...

  21. Oh my goshhh! amazing series.
    Catching Fire blew my socks off too.
    Best stuff I've read in a long time!

    And team gale all the way! in the 3rd book i bet all my money the author will show a lot more of gale and show more of the relationship between him and katniss. oh my gosh i simply cannot wait another year for it to come out. it sounds too adorable. they just seem to be soulmates for each other! even though peeta is simply amazing as well.. i just feel that katniss feels kinda differently about that and isnt totally sure about her feelings for gale yet since hes kept them hidden for a while.. so eventually peeta will end up w/o katniss unfortunately. haha i feel bad about it though cause katniss is like his life... though at the same time its mucho romantic.

    this love triangle is like a billion times better than it was in twilight. cause in twilight it was so friggen obvious who she was gonna end up with. bella just did not see jacob like that.. i never felt that way for a moment. but in the hunger games its like.. i know she has been faking it with peeta for a while but there were moments where she truly felt for him emotionally and everything.. like how she liked kissing him and when he slept with her and stuff like that. and she feels a great deal for him with wanting him to live over her.. but that could also not be romantic.. like what the hell these books are brilliant. like ive been totally shocked al the time.

    just finished reading catching fire.. and like the last chapter. let me just say.. holy shit. like blew my socks off. did not expect that at ALLLLLLLLLL.

    <3 <3 <3

    THG = instant classiccc.

  22. Catching Fire was so, so, SO good. I don't know how I'll wait a whole year for the next installment, I'm already tearing my hair out!

    After finishing both I am definitely Team Peeta. 110%. It might be because I kept visualising him as Asher Book, but he's just such a nice, sincere person. I still don't know much about Gale. So yeah. Team Peeta FTW.

  23. I love how we're all still split! Suzanne Collins has obviously created a compelling series ;)

    (Oh, and after reading Catching Fire, I'm still totally Team Gale!)

  24. I'm a team gale. Mainly because haven't you realized? In love triangles, the second guy gets the girl. As in guy shows up, girl falls in love. But has confusing feelings for friend FRIEND! It's always the friend who gets hurt in the end. Haven't you realized that? I did. Anyways, Gale has many reasons to be with Katniss. Also Peeta, but in the current situation, I somehow feel that Katniss is going to die. But if she lives, I'm going to be so down when she turns down either. So I'm also Team Finnick because he's in love with Annie and himself. Nuff said. Anyways, don't click my link. I just use it for friends to find me. Anyways, Peeta or Gale could have Katniss. But I prefer Gale, because he's the friend, not the lover boy. Sad right?

  25. Team Gale. I'm all about tall dark and handsome (read team Jacob. Plus Peeta just too polished. Gale knows whats right. And he comes from a better family.

  26. Just read both books and I am definitely Team Peeta. I just love him and all that he does and says.

  27. Anonymous2:49 PM GMT-5

    I am still on Catching Fire, but I already know I am Team Peeta. To me, when I think of Gale and Katniss it just doesn't feel right...I even asked my brother (who has no idea what I'm talking about) and he even said Peeta. :D So...TEAM PEETA.

  28. are you crazy durene, in twilight bella didnt truly love edward... she was just really pathetically obsessed with him... so stupid, how can anyone believe in that kind of "luv"? jacob was her true love.
    omg, i cant believe i said that outloud, but i did haha. ok maybe he wasnt but he would have been if twilight was real.
    and the fanfictions prove it! i mean read any of these stories and then tell me!





    anyway team gale!! i like peeta and katniss but... team gale xD. his character intrigued me from the beginning and i want more gale/katniss interaction. i feel they are equals.

  29. I e read the hunger games and I'm reading catching fire now (:
    I'm totally team gale!!
    Just reading it and how gale feels about her
    he'd do anything for her!
    Peeta I just don't kno I think heclikes her a lot but if he knew he loved her since he was little I don't think it's possible I think he just saw a pretty girl and his dad said he loved her mom so he thought he ought to love her
    I think someone will come along and peeta will leave katniss
    and if you read catching fire..there's this insadent where you kno katniss loves gale and her mom sees it to!!
    I love this book but it did give me nightmares..

  30. Anonymous8:50 PM GMT-5

    Team Gale all the way. I just feel like he knows Katniss better than anyone, so his love is genuine. With Peeta, it seems like puppy love. Also, Gale would do absolutely anything for Katniss. Peeta to me just doesn't understand what Katniss has gone through, besides the Hunger Games, most of which he spent hiding in a ditch covered by mud...honestly, I would be pissed if Peeta & Katniss were together in the end.

  31. Anonymous7:00 PM GMT-5

    After I finished reading The Hunger Games, and was about halfway through Catching Fire, I was still torn between Gale and Peeta. But then I realized that my heart was racing anytime she was with Peeta, and he would say something or do something, and that I also felt a certain amount of irritation with Gale in certain parts. Since then, I have completely decided I am Team Peeta!!! And I´m not changing for the life of me.

    GO TEAM PEETA!!!!! And may Gale find his girl (who will not be Kat)

  32. Anonymous1:25 PM GMT-5

    Peeta is the best. I hate gale so much. I don't see how any of you like him he is great.SO nice and sweet and strong and cute.When gale is just an jealous ego mad man. I think Katniss will pick Peeta in the end.

  33. GO TEAM GALE! sigh...too bad he never marries her.He gives up on her in the end!


    aww peeta's sweet but gale is just so much better ... but the end of mockingjay is so disappointing

  35. Bravo, you were not mistaken :)

  36. Anonymous7:41 PM GMT-5

    If you can't decide... VOTE TEAM CINNA

  37. Anonymous7:48 PM GMT-5

    TEAM HAYMITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Haha, but I am definitely Team Peeta. He is so much better for her. (Gale is kind of pushy, almost like he's forcing her to love him.) And anyways, Katniss chooses the right guy so......


  39. Sam from London, England.8:29 PM GMT-5

    I know this is so late but I just googled to see if this book had created a twilightesqe rivalry between male characters and this came up.

    I was initially team gale because, a guy who has been cheated on, I initially thought katniss was a biatch for using peeta AND having disregarded that gale was watching. However, then it hit me that if she ever wanted to see gale again she needed to do it.

    But learning how sincere a guy Peeta was totally melted me, man! (I'm straight, I swear haha.) So I thought about it from Gale's point of view and figured it sucked but she deserved Peeta because he's going to give her a better life. At the end of the series I just felt so bad for Gale. However, having known peeta's character throughout meant that I had always wanted her with him.

    Sucks for Gale, though. Big time. He blatantly became some emo bigshot anchor sleeping with girls who reminded him of her.

    Also. Mockingjay literally tore my heart out. When the little ducktail was sticking out and then.. Genuinely broke my heart.

    Ecstatic that kravitz is playing cinna in the film, though!

  40. Anonymous8:26 PM GMT-5

    I really feel bad for Gale in the end of Mockingjay. He gave her his all and she turned her nose up. This phrase made me cry: Sad excuse for hunters and friends. Both of us. I literally flung the book away. After all the trouble Gale went through for Katniss, she decided it wasnt good enough for her. And im glad that Gale didnt go 'I totally, utterly agree' every time Katniss offered her opinion. That would have taken away his whole character. I like the fact that he had salt and vinegar to balance of his love for Katniss. If he didnt, he would just be another peeta, (I can barely stand one of the boy...)which would make the book extremley annoying. Gale is the only reason i cant put the books down after reading and re-reading all the pages that have his name on it.

  41. Anonymous8:36 PM GMT-5

    GALE IS NOT A MAD MAN, JEALOUS, OR HOT HEADED! Who's the mad man: Peeta. He tried to strangle her. Who's jealous: Peeta. He admitted it himself, that he was jealous of Gale whenever he saw the pair together.
    Who's hot-headed: Neither. While peeta is anything but, Gale isnt hot-headed either. He is fed up with the capitol pushing him and the people he loves around. And besides, he could just sit curled up moaning about how terrible his life is, but instead, he takes the huge responsibility of feeding his family and puts it square on his shoulders. He could just whine about how he hates the capitol, but instead he tries to rebell, even if it cost his life. You have to say, it takes courage to do things like that, and a weak, mad, jealous, hot-headed boy would never be able to handle task of those kinds.

  42. TEAM PEETA!!!! ok so here is my reasoning don't care if it is cheesey, gale is like fire, katniss is like fire, you mix fire to gather without any extinguisher you get burnd; katniss is fire, peeta is an extinguisher, they balance each other out, you don't get burned! TEAM PEETA 4ever!!!!!