In Which A Peculiar Discovery Is Made Underneath My Cherry Tree

This was under my weeping cherry tree last week.

No. That is not my chair, nor is that my beach towel.

It surely belonged to my next-door neighbors -- a very sweet family with two young children -- but I LOVE that my tree was a spring fort for a day! Why didn't I think of spending the afternoon under the cherry blossoms?

Kids are so much smarter than adults.

Of course . . . there's a chance it wasn't the neighbor children at all. I'd like to think it was Matthew Macfadyen, camping out, waiting for me to come home from the grocery store.

It's still cold here. He had to dress for warmth.

MATTHEW: (thinking) She talks about me often enough. So why hasn't she asked me to become one of her boyfriends yet? Is it because she thinks I actually am Mr. Darcy? That I live in Regency Era England? Because that's only half-true!! And I'd move to the States in a heartbeat, if only she'd give me some kind of a sign -- oh God. Oh God, that's her car! Has she seen me? What was I thinking coming here and camping beneath her tree? She'll think I'm mad!!

MATTHEW topples out of plastic chair and races around side of house to hide.

MATTHEW: (whispers) I'll come back for you, darling. In a much, much less creepy fashion.

CHRIS MARTIN opens window and pops out head.

CHRIS: Oy! You there! What do you think you're doing?

MATTHEW: I . . . um . . . er . . . really like what you've done with your garden! Are those narcissus?

CHRIS: (suspiciously) Yes.

MATTHEW: Wonderful. They're really . . . splendid.

Saaaaay. You aren't that Macfadyen bloke, are you? Because the house is getting quite full, you know.

MATTHEW: NO. I mean yes! I mean --

CHRIS: Scat! Before I call the police!

I'll have to ask Chris if we've had any visitors lately. And here are the daffodils blooming in my front yard:

"Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that, I'll be over here, looking through your stuff." -- Jack Handy

Happy spring, everyone! Go sit beneath the blossoms.


  1. A gorgeous tree! Looks like a good place to go write...maybe?

    I watched Matthew Macfadyen in "Little Dorrit" on PBS Masterpiece Theater on Sunday night. Not sure if it's a rerun or not, but I'd never seen it and it's good! Next installment is this Sunday.

  2. Yes, ABSOLUTELY you should invite Matthew! Chris needs to stop being so clingy. I know he's going through some rough times lately, but he can share you.

    Also, happy daffodils! And what a gorgeous tree! Maybe we really will come visit...

  3. What a gorgeous tree! Kids always find the best places! :-)

  4. Aw, I want a yard! That looks so beautiful. I have dead weeds and cement...it has its own charm. Hopefully I can breathe some life into when spring comes this way.

    I'm going to agree with Chris and say your house is full. Gotta leave some of the HBM's to the rest of us, you know. Of course...with that blue hair and wit of yours, we're all doomed. hehe.

  5. I love the idea of the little kiddies hunkering in under the blossoms for a while. Beautiful tree and flowers.

  6. Haha. I am having a GREAT time this spring identifying all of the daffodils and forsythia, which are the only two flowers I know. Thankfully for me, there is a large abundance of both flowers.

  7. Great pictures, especially the one of the hunkering Matthew which I can see you yourself took along with the tree and flower pics. Lucky you...for beautiful trees in your backyard and for spying celebrity boyfriends.

  8. You are so unbelievably funny.


  9. Am I the only person who kept searching the daffodil pictures for hiding HBMs?

  10. My goodness, you're going to have quite the harem soon. Jarrod is really such an understanding husband. I only hope all your HBMs contribute to household expenses!

    Whatever happens with Matthew, just make sure it doesn't interfere with his filming schedule, okay? Don't hoard him!

  11. You've opened my mind to the possibilities behind stray lawn furniture and other unexpected yard additions. Hmmm... I wonder who left that piece of litter in my front yard yesterday. I'm going to have to investigate.

  12. Anna Claire -- I am loving(LOVING!) Little Dorrit.

    Kiersten -- I know, poor Chris! Normally he's quite receptive to new boyfriends, but lately he's so on edge. Also, perhaps he's a bit too comfortable in his status as the only Live-In Celebrity Boyfriend.

    Kelly -- Thanks! And they DO :)

    Natalie -- NOOO! My house will never be too full!! This is why I have bunk beds.

    Lotus -- Thank you! And I wish I could have seen them while they were under there. Maybe I would have joined them!

    Lexi -- HAHAHA!! So funny you say that, because those are the EXACT SAME FLOWERS I learned first!

    Jessie -- Yes, Matthew would be mortified if he knew I'd snapped his picture in secret!

    Lisa -- Aw, shucks :) Thank you.

    Carrie -- If you look closely, you might spot Wee James McAvoy. He often frolics in my flowerbeds.

    Laini -- They don't so much help with the expenses, though they do chip in with chores around the house. And last week Thom mailed us a new French press and some fair trade coffee beans.

    Candice -- Ooo, DO give us an update when the litter mystery has been soloved!

  13. Dang you crack me up! And I must say, please tell the smokin hot Matthew to come on down to Mississippi and move in with me. You have enough blokes in your house already :-)

    But what a fun discovery under your tree. Love it!

  14. Hey Steph, I just nominated you for a blog award on my blog! ;)