Wild Things, Cupcakes, and WHITE PANTS

Yes!! I have cupcakes!

My friend Sara and I went to the Howard Street Handmade Indie Craft Fair today, hosted by the yummy new bakery, Short Street Cakes. Asheville is packed with artsy craftsy folks, but our street fairs -- though we have many -- are generally high dollar. It was great to have a smaller show. I hope a lot of people came and spent money, so they'll do it again!

We did our part to support the cause. Sara bought some fabulous earrings, and I picked up the cute birdie mug (pictured above) made by Courtney Murphy. And then, of course, we ate cupcakes.

Many, many, many cupcakes.

But could YOU resist Blueberry Lemon Cream? Raspberry Almond? Triple Chocolate Ganache? Vegan Lemondrop with cream cheese icing? Or how about the Strawberry Short Street or the Georgia Hummingbird?

I thought not.

Also excellent was the fact that Sara and I showed up both wearing green shirts with white polka dots. This isn't the first time we've arrived at an event in the same outfit. We both have these awesome red coats that we wore everywhere this winter, and last Halloween we wore matching (wrinkled) silver bridesmaids dresses.

I think this is True Friendship, no?

At least I'm not challenging her to duels over these coincidences. It turns out my Jane Austen action figure has a nemesis! Apparently Jane and the Lone Ranger both have the same cell phone, and he keeps picking hers up and taking it to work. (You know. Ranging alone. Or whatever he does.) So Jane keeps missing all of these important calls from her publishers!

Don't worry, I separated them before anyone got hurt. I had to remind Jane that the Lone Ranger has guns. And even though fencing is far more entertaining -- as evidenced by Jack Sparrow, Robin Hood, Aragorn, the Count of Monte Cristo, Westley, Max Fischer, etc -- when it comes to duels:

Guns > Swords.

And I realize it's dangerous to keep giving them weapons, but since Coraline took over the whip, Jane's been really bummed. This is more her style anyway. Classier.

Let's just hope someone teaches her how to hold it.

It's not a bracelet.

In one hundred percent unrelated news, the poster for Spike Jonze's new film, an adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, was released this week. Yippee!

Spike is one of my all-time favorite directors, and it's been years since he's had a major project. He creates fantastic, weird, independent goodness. Perhaps you're familiar with his films, Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, but he's also made several music videos -- including The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" and Weezer's "Buddy Holly" -- as well as the skateboarding videos for Girl and Chocolate.

(If you aren't familiar with the world of skateboarding, you'll just have to trust me on this. They're AWESOME. And unlike anything else in the industry.)

Anyway. Where the Wild Things Are! Lots of buzz, but not a lot of info. But have you seen the images that have been released?

Gorgeous! I'm insanely curious to see what Spike does with a book of so few words and such iconic imagery.

So to bring up the rear of my random parade ("rear" -- what a horrible word!), I just downloaded music from two new-to-me French bands: Les Shades and Rock & Roll. Loving it all so far.

Les Shades

Only the French would be so bold as to wear matching white pants. Je t'aime!

[Note to Sara: Do we need white pants?]

Happy rest-of-the-weekend, everyone!


  1. I think you definitely need white pants. Also, why are they called polka-dots? Are they fans of accordion heavy music? Do they like to dance awkwardly with great zest?

    Things to ponder.

    And now I want a cupcake.

  2. Where the Wild Things Are??!

    Damn, I love that book.

    Now I'm excited to see the movie...and I want a cupcake.

  3. I'm not allowed to wear white pants. And not because they make me look fat, but because I spill things. Constantly.

  4. Kiersten -- Your comment made me curious, so I just did some research ('cause I'm a nerd), and it appears there IS a connection between polka dots and polka music! Weird! But I read several conflicting ideas, so I'm not sure exactly where the connection is.

    jckandy -- Me too! Major Wild Things love :)

    Natalie -- Yes!! I'm clumsy too! You are very right. White pants = bad idea.

  5. I love Where the Wild things are too. Thanks for the heads up about the movie. Did you see where I sited you in my blog Friday. I was listing off some shows I've particularly enjoyed lately and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day was among them thanks to you.

    I'm going to have to check out those french groups. They sound right down my alley--white pants and all.

  6. ooh! Wild things! Major major love. I want a hat JUST LIKE THAT ONE.

    I am also enjoying the white pants.

    Very, very much

    I think you need to get jane a rifle to put INSIDE the sword. Like a SEKRIT weapon!

  7. lotus -- YAY! I'm happy you liked Miss Pettigrew. So charming! I wish more people knew about it.

    Lexi -- Dude, I want Max's WHOLE OUTFIT. And I'll pass on your idea to Jane. I have a feeling she's going to luuuurve it!