Pardon My Ugly

Cleaning up my template, so things will look ugly here for a while. Kinda like this nasty pumpkin that sat on my porch for way too long and rotted.

(Yes, Jarrod and I photograph rotten vegetables. We are Those Kind of People.)

Anyway, please forgive my mess. N/A will be pretty again soon!


  1. Noah takes pictures of rotten vegetables, too! And once, this bowl of stir-fry got pushed to the back of the fridge for longer than I care to think about, and he took a picture of the mold while I vomited. Or at least wanted to.

  2. Yum, pumpkin. Looking forward to non-ugly. Though it still looks nice to me.

  3. giggling at your "we're THOSE kind of people" comment. Can't wait to see the new template :-) And I thought this was a tomato...

    SEcondly, the post below this one is my total FAVE and I applaud you for writing a book! That takes courage. And quitting your job takes bravery! And being Laini's BFF takes creativity! (hee hee, I just love her)

    SO, you are an amazing superwoman and I can't wait to read your book one day!

  4. It's not that ugly!
    And I wish that I had a rotten pumpkin. It is beautiful.

    (I really like your new profile picture. Cupcakes ftw!)

  5. HA! No, the ugly is mostly over. It'll look pretty much the same around here as it always has, but for a few hours (last night) this page had several odd brown and tan bits and out-of-order links and missing parts and such.

    Katie -- Thank you so much!!

  6. The best is when you carve a face in the pumpkin and upon rottage it turns into freakie, old man-face pumpkin. We have that picture. Oh, and I found you because Kiersten has given you so much love lately on her blog posts.

  7. I like the changes! Change is good. :)

  8. It's sad to throw out a pumpkin! ...like throwing out a Christmas tree. I saw on on a median this year...all brown and dying-depressing!

  9. Hi Jessie & Pen Pen!

    (New people! Yippee!)