NO SHE DID NOT! (But she totally did.)

OH MY STARS, you guys.


The "she" in my title is Kiersten White, and yes -- she sent me the Coraline in her polka dot jammies doll! Which I didn't even know existed!

(I only hoped existed.)


Okay, maybe not you just die, but me just die TOTALLY.

I am still in shock. This was a complete utter total one hundred and ten percent surprise. There was a tremendous amount of shrieking, dancing, and creative swearing upon opening the mystery Amazon box.

Um, Kiersten? I love you. Someday I am SO BUYING YOU A PONY. Or a giraffe or a goldendoodle, whichever you prefer. I'm flexible.

Coraline and I have been hanging out all week, getting to know each other. Here we are reading a good book:

And I have to show you this, because it's the best part:

SHE HAS SOCKS! Seriously, guys. How many action figures come with removable socks?

I am so charmed.

Finally, here's Coraline at her new home on my writing desk. Jane is showing her how to use the whip:

She's a natural. I love her so much!

OH, and one last thing. Get this: Not only did Kiersten give me this FANTASTIC gift, but she also just wrote this really really really nice post about my novel. Which starts with one of the top ten best compliments anyone has ever given me.

Thank you, Kiersten. I am so happy and overwhelmed.

And I'm serious about the pony.


  1. Ohmygosh! I want one! No! I need a coraline!!

    also your novel... I want that too.

    And you and coraline are TWINS!!! So COOL!

  2. Wow, if you were 12, you'd BE Coraline. That's awesome. Kiersten really is the best. I can so vouch for that.

  3. Okay, Coraline's expression while holding the whip?


    And the pictures of you and Coraline make me want to send you every other version (why yes, there's raincoat Coraline AND random outfit Coraline) just to see how you would dress up to match. I think you are both tied for adorability.

    As far as the pony, we'd probably better wait on that one. I don't think it'd be very happy on the patio. And I'm not sure, but odds are it's against apartment rules, too.

  4. I totally LOVE the socks. That's hilarious. Kiersten is so cool.

  5. Am I the only one who is concerned that Coraline is just spying on you, to find out what you like least about your life, and one day you're going to be writing about this new Jarrod that you met who stays up all night to rub your feet while you write and stocks the house with HBM for your amusement?

  6. Kiersten -- A kangaroo then, perhaps? Does your apartment have a rule against marsupials? You'd never need to push a stroller again! And funny you should mention the raincoat, because the entire time I was in the theater, I was thinking, "Man, I need a yellow raincoat and matching boots."

    phoodie -- WHAT??? NO.

    (Except if the new HBM don't have button eyes, I might be okay with this. But really, I prefer my real boyfriends, who rub my feet all night anyway.)

  7. I like you too, Lotus ; )

    Also, Steph, I could SO go for a kangaroo! When you get your first ridiculously huge advance, okay?

    Also also, you can order extra outfits for her online. Not to tempt you or anything, just saying...

  8. Ooh, I've been coveting those Coraline dolls, but I don't know which one I like best. The pajamas ARE pretty awesome. YOUR pajamas are pretty awesome! And of course, love the green wall and pink desk. Perfect :-)

  9. I LOVE these pictures. You and Coraline totally match! And both of you totally rock the hair!

  10. I heard it took Georgina Hayns 3 WEEKS just to knit ONE of the sweaters and -I think- they asked her to do 30 of just those!!

  11. Coraline is beautifull. I loved this animation, and the doll too. I'm trying to make Coraline Felt, because I loved the design, but can not find the doll in any store in Brazil. When done, put on my blog for you to see www.aikitudo.com.br. Kisses, Angelica

  12. Anonymous5:13 PM GMT-5

    Do you know where to buy the extra outfits, because I really want some! Please, please, please! Thanks!