In Which I Want To Make Out With PBS

The Where the Wild Things Are trailer is out! EEK!

Pant pant pant.

I luffffff you, Spike Jonze.

In other important video news, if you missed the first episode of last Sunday's Little Dorrit (MR. DARCY MR. DARCY MR. DARCY), you can catch up on the Masterpiece website.

Thank you, PBS!

I thought it was fantastic. So many delicious characters and romances and mysteries. Claire Foy makes a charming, likable heroine, and Matthew Macfadyen was . . . perfect. PERFECT. It's kinda cheesy to admit, but I really appreciate nice characters. You know? I think it's a lot harder to create a solidly "good" character -- that readers/viewers will NOT want to kick in the shins -- than people realize. (Remus Lupin is my all-time favorite.)

So kind! So concerned! So yummy!

Ooo, and how sweet is Maggy? I loved her! And the gatekeeper! Adorable! And I was so excited to see Eddie Marsan as Pancks. If you've seen Happy-Go-Lucky, you'll know him as Poppy's insane driving instructor. He's a GREAT (and frightening) character actor.

(Mr. Darcy's purty blue eye courtesy of this lovely site.)

Unfortunately, I have not yet read the novel, so I'm curious: Any Dickens fans out there? What do you think of the adaptation so far? (And pretty pretty please, no spoilers in the comments. I realize it's weird to ask for no spoilers on something written in 1855, but there you have it.)

So speaking of awesome things . . .


I was shocked -- SHOCKED! -- upon discovering last week that Trix is no longer fruit-shaped. This has been a serious concern of mine for, I dunno, the last fifteen years.


Because once upon a time Trix was my FAVORITE CEREAL IN THE WORLD. It was fruity and puffy and made the most satisfying crunch underneath my tongue. But then, one day, the brainiacs at General Mills thought it'd be cute to make the little round balls (that make such a satisfying crunch) into these oddball fruit shapes that did NOT make a satisfying crunch and instead just got all nasty and mushy and disgusting.

I have been unreasonably bitter about this for a very long time.


It's like a bowl filled with rainbow.

However -- despite my joy upon seeing the new box -- I was hesitant to make the purchase. I'm not exactly a sugary cereal kind of girl anymore. My breakfasts generally consist of organic, plain whole milk yogurt and buttered whole wheat toast. So I prepared myself for serious disappointment.

But you know what? They actually still taste good.

Huzzah! Trix is back!

(Cough cough. Almost. Now if only they'd go back to three flavors, then we'd really be in business.)


  1. I second the vote for Trix going back to three flavors.

  2. Ooh! Major Wild Things love!!!!!!

    And I've never had Trix, as it turns out. My mom is the type who'll let me eat cake for breakfast, but not "unhealthy" cereals.

  3. A. I love that you have a Mr. Darcy label.

    B. I never knew Trix were round to begin with, and was disappointed when the cute little fruit shapes disappeared. Not that I ever bought them either way...

    C. I'll add that to my must-be-watched queue.

    D. Queue is an awesome word.

  4. Oh, thank you for the link! I forgot to tape it on Sunday! We'll watch this tonight. (And then maybe we can watch part II TOGETHER on Sunday!!!!!!!)

    I've never read Little Dorritt and know nothing about the story. So excited!!

    As for Trix, I did not know they changed the shape. I haven't had it in years. I do love me some sugar cereal though. Five or six years ago I got into a bit of a Captain Crunch habit, and then had to unhabituate. Now I eat healthy stuff, but oh that box of Trix looks yummy :-)

    P.S. Love the Gonzo juice glass!

  5. Also love the Gonzo glass! LOVE The Wild Things. Can't wait. While on a recent road trip, my daughter was watching her Wild Things DVD and every time it came to the part..."Where the Wild Things Are...we would growl it out...for like a half-hour. It just got funnier and funnier.

  6. Amber -- Gah! I know. When, Trix, when??

    Lexi -- Oh, cake is WAY better than Trix.

    Kiersten -- You know what's also a great word? "Beersten." If it were a real word.

    Laini -- Squee!!!

    Shari -- I also have Miss Piggy and (my favorite) Rizzo the Rat ;)