Done (ish) with Updates: Dull + Sparkle

I'm the one about to fall in the trash can.

I've finally succumbed to the wiles of Facebook.

I know it's Helpful for My New Career, but I held out because social networking sites always make me feel like I'm competing in some twisted high school popularity contest. (Which I will lose. Every time.) So please, please, please come be my friend.

I am nice! You will like me!

And thanks for being patient while I tweaked and prodded my Blogger template. Most of the changes you won't even notice, they were just minor things irritating me. Unfortunately, to correct them I had to upgrade my Blogger account, which I'd been avoiding because I knew it'd erase the hard work I'd done on my old template.

Which it did.

I had to fix nearly EVERYTHING. I try to keep my blog fairly "clean" looking, which oddly requires more work than blogs filled with oodles of gadgets. Go figure. (I could make a writing metaphor from that, but I'm feeling too tired and frustrated right now.) So I've been working for, I dunno, twenty-four plus hours on this thing?


Anyway. I fixed most of my old issues and received a few new ones in return. Not so pleased with the font in my sidebar. Haven't figured out how to change that in my template yet. This is what it used to look like:

Anyone with Superior Computer Smarts know what that font was and how to get it back? (Where to edit it in my html?)

And while I'm asking, might as well throw out this question:

I added labels to my posts (the most time consuming aspect of this upgrade), but for some reason, even though I type them in the "Labels for this post" section as this:

Film, Books, HBM

it comes out looking like this online:

Film , Books , HBM

Does anyone know what's up with that extra space between the commas? It's a little thing, but it's reaaaaally bugging me. Also, if you notice any broken links or misspelled blogs in my sidebar, please let me know. (Or if I used to link your blog, and it's suddenly missing!)

But enough of the boring stuff.

We need sparkle!

But I'm just not feeling very sparkly after two days of wrestling Blogger. Time to bring in reinforcements. How about a video?

Today on En Route, the lovely Lilie posted three different -- and all equally amazing -- versions of one of my favorite songs, Wreckless Eric's "Whole Wide World." Anyone who has seen Stranger Than Fiction knows the song as the one Will Ferrell sings to Maggie Gyllenhaal. And if you've never seen Stranger Than Fiction, then:

(A) Go rent it. NOW.


(B) Watch this clip. It's one of the most romantic (kissing!) scenes ever filmed. Any time it airs on television, I have to see this part:

Hmm. But I'm still not feeling sparkly. Need more videos. How about a funny one? Here's my favorite song from this season's Flight of the Conchords, "We're Both In Love With a Sexy Lady":

So am I sparkly yet?

Not quite.

Hmm . . . I did romantic, and I did funny. What else is there?

How about something beautiful?

If you've never had the pleasure of seeing the Sigur Rós video for "Glósóli," you're in for a treat. This is probably -- no exaggeration -- the most gorgeous music video ever created. Their music is slower but filled with sweeping crescendos and achingly perfect buildups, so please be patient.

(I know it's hard to be patient in this day and age of clickclickclick immediate gratification, but honestly. It's SO WORTH IT. Don't skip ahead. Watch the whole thing, and fall in love.):

Ahhhh. There it is. Sparkles.

I hope you all have a dreamy rest-of-the-weekend. I'm off to bed. No Internet for me tomorrow! I need a rest.


  1. Wow. I feeling sparkly too, perhaps even dazzled. That was wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  2. OH! OH! TRIVIA!

    Did you know...Brett? Flight of the Conchords, Cutie Brett?


    I'm serious. He really is. And it's awesome. You know that scene when Arwen is leaving with the group of elves, and she has the vision of her son with Aragorn in the woods, the whole "there is still hope!" thing? Well, the elf who comes up to her and is like, "My Lady?"


    Go, watch it. It's too awesome. I don't remember if it's in the extended edition or not.

    Anyway. Glad you are back to sparkly ; ) Rest your eyes tomorrow. My brain is leaking out my ears from staring at the screen too long writing. But at least that feels better than wrestling with stupid Blogger.

  3. I loved that song in Stranger than Fiction!! I never get songs stuck in my head, but that one totally did. Jim had to find it for me and download it. I'd forgotten about it though. So good!

    I looked on blogger layout and I see what you mean about the sidebar font. There's a place to change the font for sidebar titles but not text. I wonder if the sidebar text is just going to be the same as the blog text and nothing you can do about it? I didn't test the theory.

    Sorry you've been having so much trouble! Grrr.

  4. Oh, and Kiersten, rewatching LOTR, I totally spotted Brett too, or should I say, "Britt." !! A friend of ours from New Zealand knows them both, as well as Murray. And have you seen Eagle Vs. Shark? Crazy movie with Jemaine (sp?) in it. Funny, though a bit too mean-spirited.

  5. I just put Stranger Than Fiction into my netflix queue. Thanks for all the great videos--great for procrastination on a sleepy day!


  6. Wow. The cinematography in that last video is amazing.

  7. I think your former font was Verdana, and Laini is right that Blogger has it set up so that the sidebar font is determined by the main post font. I tweak my template endlessly so I know how frustrating these small details are!
    As for that space before the commas, I think if you got rid of this line:

    .post-footer a {
    margin-right: 6px;

    in your code, it might solve the problem.

    But anyway, yay for sparkliness!

  8. Lilie -- EEK!! You are AMAZING! Thank you SO MUCH for fixing my comma problem. Oh man, that was driving me nuts. Phew, I feel such an incredible sense of relief. And thank you for the Veranda tip! I messed with it some (but will no doubt mess with it more later, when I have time).


    Kiersten -- I just YouTubed Brett in LOTR. I would have never recognized him had you not told me. He looks so different without a beard!

    Laini -- That's funny, because I just found out about Eagle vs. Shark yesterday. It was brought to my attention because the main character's name is . . . Jarrod.

    I'm happy everyone is enjoying the videos :)

  9. Something about pretty children taking flight... I liked it, only I got nervous at the end because I thought that when the last boy jumped he fell instead of flew. Guess he made it.

  10. The commas and the font are fixed! Oh, happy day!