Cold, Hard, and . . . Super!

Hope everyone is feeling shiny and happy today. I've been out of town for the last week, visiting my new nephew in Minneapolis. And now I must state the obvious:

(A) Minnesota is cold.
(B) Babies are hard.

I have photographic proof.

Here's Jarrod getting down with my brother-in-law's snow blower:

It was one of those moments where I was so thankful I'm the girl in the relationship. Because while Jarrod was out fighting the snow, I was indoors with a sleeping baby and a good book.* Yay me!

But there's no need to feel pity for my husband. It evened out in the end because, of course, Jack Jack did NOT sleep the whole trip. No.

He fed.

And fed and fed and fed and fed and fed until Aunt Stephanie was temped to hook him up to a milk IV and prop his tush over the toilet bowl. I took all of the night shifts so everyone else could sleep, in particular, my poor sister. And let me say, night shifts with my novel? Exhausting but awesome. Night shifts with a baby? Exhausting but NOT awesome.

Here is (Headless) Jack Jack in (Headless) Uncle Jarrod's lap, doing what he does best:

What he does best? Really what he does only.

It's a good thing Jack Jack is so sweet and beautiful and funny. (Oh, come on. Those piggy snortling noises and farts are funny.) I am a very lucky aunt!

For the sweetness. Not the farting.

So while I was away, Gretchen posted a link to this TRULY GREAT website, The Hero Factory. Create your own superhero! Yippee!! Here I am:

Love it! Though . . . the name was computer-generated, not my own. The Pure Flying Bulls Eye? Does that mean I'm not getting it on with the other superheroes? Because I am all about the romantic tension, people. And if I'm not kissing The Impure Flying Devil Boy, then it's time to rethink my angel wings.

Also, I gotta say, my weapon is clashing with my costume. What's up with that? I should probably just learn kung fu.

Let me know if you make your own superhero! (I'm totally looking at YOU, Jimbo.)


*I read several books with Jack Jack in my lap, but my favorite was Susan Juby's Getting the Girl: A Guide to Private Investigation, Surveillance, and Cookery, because of lines like this:

"Edna snorted, which made her sound like a bear in a garbage dump."


"How's the love life? You dating anyone?"
"Mom," I said, because for God's sake.

I enjoy all of Juby's work -- she has a strong, original voice -- but I LOVED this one. It's about a short, geeky freshman named Sherman Mack (who has a hilarious burlesque dancing mother) who decides to solve the mystery of his high school's cruelest tradition: Who is D-listing the girls? Who selects the girls, and why are they turning them into near-invisible social pariahs?

Here's hoping Sherman gets his own series, like Alice.


  1. I'm the Fearless One-Eyed Jones. I think fearless is a slightly better super-hero adjective than pure.

    Also, must add that to my reading list.

    Also, babies are cute, soft, adorable little bundles of destruction. Mine never slept, either. Glad you and your wonderful blog posts are back though ; )

  2. Hmph. You and your fearlessness! Show-off.

  3. I'm the Unshakable Lash. Party.

    Ah, babies. How good of you to take that darling for the nights. I'm sure your sister appreciated that so much.

    Sherman sounds great, I'll need to pick that up.

  4. Glad you had fun. Well sort of, eh. Growing up in the south, I was excited to shovel snow when we moved to Pittsburgh. Ha! My first experience with it cured me.

    That was so sweet of you to take the night shift. That's a great way to save the mommy's sanity. Bless your heart.

  5. Yes, but poor sister now that you're gone...

    I'm totally going to hire you if I have another baby. Of course by then you'll be a world famous author (okay, we both will, right?), but I'll be able to pay you ridiculous amounts of money to hold my baby troll while I sleep.

  6. So that's what a snow-blower looks like, eh? And a headless baby. AND a headless husband! Things are interesting up there in Minnesota! "Jack Jack" has a very cute tiny baby body, and I'm sure his head is equally adorable :-)

    I love the superhero character; I made on too (the "Intimidating One-Eyed Jones") but I haven't posted it yet. Fun!

    Glad you're back home to the writing, you . . . FULL-TIME WRITER, you!!!! (yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  7. The Hero Factory would be PERFECT if you could add your own name. I love your skirt--it's very superhero chic.

    P.S. When I saw your post title, I was all, "That's what she said!"

  8. Kiersten -- I am totally down for ridiculous sums of money in exchange for baby troll services. I also scrub floors and wash cars. Just let me know.

    Gretchen -- I thought about the Michael Scott line too. I almost put it in parentheses! :)

  9. Heyo! Thanks for the cool site link. I posted my guy on my blog (not crazy about the name it generated, but he looks ready to kick some major ass! :)

  10. I got the superhero thing from our fabulous agent (and don't you love that phrase? I sure do!), and posted mine.

    I'm not pure. I wonder if the superhero website is trying to tell me something.

  11. Jim -- Your superhero is way scary. Are you sure he's not a supervillain?

    Carrie -- Agent agent agent! AGENT! Yessss. Still love the word.

  12. How sweet that you took the night shift for your sister! That is a really strenuous task. I have to add though, when it's your own baby, it is completely different. I mean, still hard, but manageable. And, the sleepless nights are only a glimpse in the grand scheme of things. They go by so fast. Ok, I have no idea why I'm giving you "advice" when you didn't even ask for it :-)

  13. Lew -- Well, you ARE supermom! :) Seriously, Jarrod and I always marvel at how together you are. You're amazing.

  14. hey love

    are the bunks all set up

    last time chris stole all my blankets before i got there, and coming from san diego i'm not looking forward to the weather.

    looking forward to you though. see you tomorrow.

  15. James -- Chris says he didn't steal them, he was washing them. See? I told you that you need to start checking the washers & dryers more carefully.

  16. my mistake. quit mucking about and finish your edits, i want all of your attention tonight.

  17. My hero is "The fancy gifted jedi"

    I wonder what that means...