Oh Happy, Happy Day!

Fingers (and toes) crossed for the new administration.

I watched it with my coworkers in the library via a live Internet stream. It was lightly snowing outside. Very peaceful.

How about you?


  1. I watched it online while my kids were watching Ariel. Shoulda made them watch Obama, he's a much better role model.

    And I've got to admit, when they announced him and he walked out of the White House, I teared up.

    I just hope he lives up to the hopes we have for him.

  2. Pretty cool. I'm wearing my orange belt and orange shirt to celebrate. Why? Cuz. Doesn't everyone celebrate with orange?

  3. Live streamed at home on the couch after I dropped the kids off at school. Plugged in the big JBL speakers. I cried.

  4. Happy Inauguration Day! Here's to new beginnings! *raises a glass in hopes of good things ahead*

  5. It's thrilling! I'm so excited. Although I hope he doesn't suffer from overly high expectations. I know he'll do his best, but even the best people make mistakes. It's our job to stand behind him no matter what. I see brighter days ahead :)

  6. Watched it during school. It was mandatory! YAY! and LOVE!

    Surprising, though. 90% of the kids at my school are "NObama"

  7. I thought it was really cool too - and it was snowing here too! Which NEVER happens...

    Quite an auspicious day :-)

  8. happy happy, joy joy!
    you would think that today was a lucky thursday! :)
    i teared up today watching the inauguration with YOU! it was wonderful! jill rocks my socks for letting us tune in at work.
    i'm moving up in the technological world again this week...i've begun the exploration of RSS feeds. i joined google reader and subscribed to your blog! i'm beginning to learn some of the magical tools that help you savvy women stay on top of your game. watch out, i might even start a blog myself!
    see you tomorrow!
    <3 lauren

  9. Lauren, my love!!!


    And YES. Start a blog!