White Grapefruit & Charlie Kaufman

It's only Saturday, and I've already scored twice this weekend.

Not that kind of scoring. Or that other kind. Or, like, soccer goals or anything.

No! My friends just got back in town and look what they brought me! I mean . . . us. Me and Jarrod. Yeah. Us.

White Grapefruit!

You must understand, white grapefruit is like the HOLY GRAIL of fruit for me. It's more sour than the pink variety and difficult to find in stores. In fact, I've only found ONE PLACE in Asheville that carries it (Greenlife). So every winter I get, like, two grapefruit. And then they're gone.

And then I'm stuck with the pink variety which is totally snooze. I mean, it doesn't even make my mouth pucker or anything fun like that.

My parents have a white grapefruit tree in their yard, and every December, we'd have buckets of grapefruit and gallons of juice. And it wasn't until I moved away from the desert that I realized how much I took it for granted. Because you really can't get great citrus in the rest of this country.

I don't care how close I live to Florida. It's not the same.

(And don't even get me started on the OJ situation. My parents also have an orange tree, so I was a ridiculously spoiled child.)

Anyway, my friends Tai and Staci brought these as a gift today -- and they didn't even know how much I love them! And they're organic, and they're from someone's yard, and not a big nasty pesticide-y farm, and I am so so SO in heaven.

White grapefruit.


Tai and Staci, by the way, were in Miami last week because Tai was in ART freaking BASEL! If you aren't familiar with the art world, Art Basel is only one of the most prestigious shows in the WORLD.

I've bragged here before about having a lot of talented friends. See? I wasn't joking! In fact, I have a constant reminder of how talented this particular friend is in my living room:

Um, yeah I have life-sized bust of Elvis on my piano. What's it to you?

That's the painting he did for Jarrod's band, Lewis, last year. (And, yes, that's Jarrod on the left in it!) Isn't it amazing? It's HUGE and BEAUTIFUL and I feel so lucky every time I see it. Because seriously. Tai is way, way talented.

Like look at this gorgeous carousel painting:

The Internet doesn't do it justice. It's pink and gold and ENORMOUS and the detail is so incredible you lose yourself for days. I see something new every time I look at it. Check out more of his work here.

Whoops. That was supposed to be just about the grapefruit. I kinda got sidetracked.

So my other big weekend score?

Charlie Kaufman's new film, Synecdoche, New York!

Charlie is my favorite screenwriter. Ever. Period. I sort of piddle myself just THINKING about Being John Malkovich (Academy Award screenplay nomination) or Adaptation (another nomination) or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (finally the win!).

So when his latest -- and his directorial debut -- arrived in town? Oh yeah. You know I was there opening night.

If you haven't heard of it, Synecdoche -- which is a Very Cool Literary Term that means a figure of speech where the part is a stand-in for the whole (ex: "all hands on deck") -- is a crazy funny sad insane film about a theater director who receives the MacArthur grant and devotes the rest of his life to making a play.

But not just any play.

A play that involves models of New York built inside models of New York, giant warehouses inside warehouses inside warehouses, and THOUSANDS of actors.

Including actors playing the theater director and everyone in his life.

And pretty soon the lines between fiction and reality -- which were fuzzy to begin with, due to the director's mysterious illness -- are blurring and tangling and spiraling epically out of control.

So does the film actually work, you ask?

Well. Yes. Sort of.

The reviews are mixed, with most critics finding it smack dab between absolute brilliance and absolute rubbish. And I'd agree with them, but I'd say it hits brilliance with far more frequency than rubbish. And, like all of Kaufman's scripts, it tells a LOT about its author and his writing process.

Which is, naturally, fascinating to me.

Plus the cast is stellar -- Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Michelle Williams, Samantha Morton, Emily Watson -- so if you have any interest (and if you have a dark sense of humor), definitely check it out.

And because I'm feeling major Charlie-worship right now, here's a great interview with him from The Colbert Report earlier this week:

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend and baking cookies.

(I've spied a lot of cookie-baking in blogland lately. I have catching up to do.)


  1. I have been baking cookies! My sister is forcing me to. :-)

  2. I'm not a huge grapefruit fan. They're okay. I like the pink ones because they're sweeter. But I know what you mean about being spoiled by fruit. Jim more than me -- he grew up with peach and nectarine trees in his yard; after his mom sold the house ten years ago or so, the yeehaws who bought the property CUT ALL THE FRUIT TREES DOWN!!

    And those paintings are awesome! I don't know of that art show, but kudos to him!

  3. I'm such a wimp. I like the pink ones. My mother always liked to get the white ones. She never had any trouble finding them, but that was in SC. Seems like she ordered them straight from FL sometimes though. Good luck finding more!

  4. Okay, so I just have to post again now that I've gone back and read your post about North and South!

    I had originally gotten the dvd through netflix, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to buy it. I didn't even want to send it back, but I wanted to have a brand new one not some scratched up netflix one, so I went right out looking for it and it was NO WHERE! I didn't want to wait even a couple of days to order it, but, alas! I did. Amazon, there I went! It's gotten so much viewage! I especially like it on when I'm ironing. It totally keeps me entertained and I don't even know that the time is passing.

    I have been especially amazed at the supporting cast. The well of talent was very deep! Just like you said. Have you watch all the bonus features and the special commentaries, etc. I was particularly fascinated and impressed by all the preparations that Richard Armitage did. (especially in comparison to the preparation that Robert Pattinson did for the Edward roll in Twilight--did you see his appearance on the tonight show? Yikes!)

    Glad to find another BBC lover! ttyl! Lois

  5. Hmm. I've been curious and a bit cautious about this new Kaufman flick and after you're post I'm...still curious and cautious. Hmm. We'll definitely see it, but we'll probably wait for ol' Netflix to hook us up. I've LOVED his previous stuff but this one...we'll see. Hopefully I'll like it at least as much as you did.


  6. Uh, so you like White Grapefruit because you want something even more sour than a Pink Grapefruit? And I thought Pink Grapefruit was as sour as it gets (and hence, I never eat it because of my super sensitive taste buds. Sour - yuck! :P)! I am baking up a storm and still have lots more to make. Good thing I'm basically snowed in this weekend with back to back snowmageddons (I just like saying that).

  7. Deb: "snowmageddons" -- ohmywordilovethat.