Cue Maniacal Laughter (MWAHAHAHA!)


I am so awesome, I can hardly stand it.

I wrote TEN THOUSAND words today for NaNoWriMo!

Please let me repeat that, because chances are slimbo that I'll ever get to say it again: I wrote ten thousand words today. Yippee!

Except . . . I never would have done it without Jolie's best-ever sticky note advice and Laini's "Once upon a time" strategy. And Jarrod's bargaining chip -- that if I reached my 10k goal before 10:30, we could watch an episode of Firefly tonight. ("Also, I can kill you with my brain.")

Love this.

So thank you Jolie, Laini, and Jarrod. I raise my glass of crazy delirious happy to you tonight.

In other news -- yes! Of course I saw Twilight this weekend!

I went with my fab pals Sumner and Paula, and it was cheesy and melodramatic (and WHAT were they thinking casting Jasper? SERIOUSLY?) but I totally loved it anyway.

The I-want-to-kiss-you-but-I'd-kill-you was yummy and romantic, and I adored Edward's fwoopy (as I keep hearing it described) hair, and GUESS WHAT??? Bella wore my shirt in two scenes! Very exciting to see a tiny piece of me -- in clothing form -- interacting with the dreamy Edward Cullen.

That is SO my shirt! I got it at H&M last Christmas. Which is NOT in Phoenix, so I don't know where Bella is shopping.

Also cute:

-- The protective dad scenes involving Charlie and Edward.
-- Stephenie Meyer hanging out in the cafe.
-- How they slipped the cover image from the novel into the cafeteria scene.
-- Radiohead during the credits. Totally unexpected.
-- Edward hanging out in Bella's bedroom. (Sorry, Paula!) Totally hot.
-- Edward in sunglasses. TOTALLY hot.


But yeah. Let's hope New Moon gets a bigger makeup budget. And that ballet studio? So not in Phoenix either! And there's a future drinking game to be had with the all of those Steely Vampire Looks.

And Jasper.


What. Were. They. Thinking?


  1. So how did I know you would be seeing Twilight this weekend AND loving it?! :P I have to say that all this Robert Pattinson everywhere I look has made me think, yeah, the guy's not bad on the eyes at all. Except when he has the white makeup on. And further down you used "wowie" in a post, which only one other person in my life says too. It made me lol.

  2. I had a blast watching Twilight. And Jasper was so not how I pictured him, but everyone else was pretty much spot-on. Oh, and this guy at the end yelled "Woooo Radiohead!" right as I was starting to cheer about the song choice and then we cheered together. It rocked.

  3. Yeeeeeee-Yaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    10,000 words...that's like super human. I can't believe I actually gave some best-ever advice that both you and Laini used (and it worked). Yippee! Do it again, do it again!

  4. I had this great comment about 10,000 words, and then it went right out of my head when I saw that Jasper.

  5. 10,000? No. Seriously? Can I tell people I know you?

    I need to see Twilight but I my man refused to go. We saw Quantum of Solace and I am forced to say I prefer looking at Daniel Craig.

  6. OH MY GOSH. 10K. That's incredible. Steph, you are setting the bar at a whole new level. (Wait, please tell me you don't have kids - give me some excuse to be a slacker at 5K...).

  7. Also, meant to say: you are SO shiny. (I heart Firefly!!)

  8. On a totally random point... Phoenix (technically Scottsdale), will have a H&M in the spring of 2009. Yay! We're not nearly as hick-ish as the rest of the country thinks we are!

  9. Woooo hooooo! 10,000 words! That's a lot of zeroes. A lot of words. That's AWESOME!! That post-it trick worked great for me on friday too, but not that great!

    I should probably be trying it again today, but I am feelling feeble and set a modest goal of 2000 words, in which the climax must come nearer!

    And, um. . . Jasper? What??? What's with that hair?

    (Oh, and I LOVE "I can kill you with my brain." THAT should be -- and surely IS -- on a T-shirt!)

  10. Oh, and Elise, I'm with you on Daniel Craig. Mmm.

  11. Anonymous3:44 PM GMT-5

    10,000?! GASP!
    In truth, and I pray you shall not be too dissapionted with me, but I sort of...FORGOT about NaNo. I was far too consumed with my own novel which is finally in the process of being finished (I'm so excited! Publishing here I come!)
    I agree, what were they thinking with Jasper's hair? Yikes. BUt Jasper's my favourite book character so I've GOT to give that funky hair dude some props.
    The movie was amazing! Everytime Edward slipped onto the screen the entire theatre applauded and "wooo"ed. He's so damn hot! ♥_♥
    Ha, my favourite part: "Bella! It's a worm! Heehee, worm, Bella!" Ha, oh, Eric, you slay me! ;)
    Oh, and I also loved Edward's famous line: "Money. Sex. Money. Sex. Cat".

  12. Holly -- No kids :) Your excuse remains intact.

    Jamey -- Lucky you!! Me want one here.

    Jehsyka -- Congraulations on being so close to finishing! That's HUGE! And I *loved* the worm part too (and, of course, the cat line - hee hee). I thought Eric & Jessica were perfectly cast, and they TOTALLY had some of the best lines.

  13. Um, wha --?

    You wrote 10,000 words in one day? As in one thousand times ten?! As in one 24-hour period, including sleep?

    Since I have to write 12,000 words in 5 days, maybe i need to hear the post-it note trick.


    P.S. Thanks for the nice note on my blog. :)

  14. Wow! 10K in one day? Wow!

    And the look on Jasper's face was hilarious. It made me giggle.

  15. I shake my head wondering in awe at 10K in one day. Can I bow and scrape at your feet? Ok, later.

    First, though, let me just say I'm with you all the way on the whole Twilight make-up budget. Hello! Do you think they ran out of that white stuff since half the time it didn't continue down onto the neck? The special effects budget could have used a huge shot in the arm too. Come on. Jumping trajectory does not dip in the middle. I'm just saying...

    Even still, it was fun watching the attempt of putting that book on screen.

  16. lotusloq -- "Do you think they ran out of that white stuff since half the time it didn't continue down onto the neck?" Oh man, I KNOW!!! Did they honestly think we wouldn't notice??