Lewis Show Saturday + New RSS Feed

Mah huss-bahnd. Ees so dreamy.

First things first. For all you local Ashe-villains, my Cutie Pants husband's band (the "real" one, not the OTHER one), Lewis, is playing this Saturday night, November 22nd, at Stella Blue.

The show starts at 8:00, and we'd love to see you there!

It's a BIG DEAL because not only is Stella Blue a great venue, it's their first show as a three-piece band. (Well, with these three guys at least.) They lost a member this summer, so they took a few months off to reorganize & re-awesome themselves.

And they did it. They sound awesome! YAY!

Bet-tah than ev-ah.

In other exciting news . . .

By request, I've added an RSS feed option to N/A. It's at the bottom of this page, if you're looking for it.



For blog-readers & blog-writers.

Do you prefer full feeds or short feeds? Mine is currently set to "short," but I can change that if everyone prefers full.



  1. Yay for your husband! That's so cool.
    Also, thanks for setting up an RSS feed. Most bloggers prefer full feeds. You might not get as many site hits, but people are more likely to subscribe to your feed, which is how most blog-reading is done these days. They also make it easier for reading and sharing.

  2. I'm really glad you added the RSS feed! I would definitely prefer that you put the full feeds. That way we can read your full post right there instead of having to click something, it's easier. Thanks!