I'm back! (And behind) + Fiiiiirefly!

This is my parents' dog, Maggie:

This is Maggie wondering why my computer was turned off when I am so far behind in NaNoWriMo:

And THIS . . .

is Maggie saying, "Oh, screw it. Rub my belly."

(I rubbed a lot of belly last weekend.)

Well, I'm back in town. And -- OF COURSE -- I forgot my camera at The Big Event (my friend Jamey's wedding reception) and took pictures of the dog instead.

So you will just have to believe me that the bride was beautiful (and wearing this adorable dress I thought was vintage but she made) and her husband was super-sweet and everyone had a fabulous time.

And while it snowed here in Asheville, it was eighty degrees in Phoenix, which allowed Jamey's party to be a GARDEN PARTY.

Yes. A garden party in November.

Only in Arizona.

Sooo, yeah. I'm a little behind in NaNo this year. How about you? Is it sucking for you too? Please assure me yours is sucking, because (insert obscenities here), my novel (insert obscenities here) blows.

(Insert obscenities here) blows hard.

I'm ten thousand words behind, which isn't impossible to overcome, but isn't a walk in the park either. Even if the park is a REALLY REALLY BIG PARK, like Golden Gate Park. In fact, I'm (insert obscenities here) mad at myself for letting the situation get this bad. But what are you gonna do? Sit behind a lousy laptop and write the dullest characters and dialogue you've ever typed in your entire life . . .

Almost Real Example:

"Hi, Joe."
"Let's do something."
"Like what?"
"I dunno."

Or go to a GARDEN PARTY in sunny Arizona?

That's what I thought.

And . . . okay . . . the garden party was only one day. What about the other sixteen days so far this month? I blame it on Joss Whedon. Joss and his INCREDIBLE AWESOME LOVE LOVE LOVE IT SHOW, Firefly.


So to all of my friends who've tried to get me to watch it for the last year (Staci, Laini, Jim): Um. You were right. It's awesome.

Like painfully awesome.

And I realize I abuse the word "awesome" (along with "dude" and the phrase "it's my favorite thing EVER"), but seriously. It's awesome. For those of you who missed it the first time around, like myself:

(A) Yes, it's set in space.
(B) No. There are no weird prosthetic makeup jobs or techno babble.

It's just a good solid . . . space western drama.

Which sounds awful -- BELIEVE ME, I KNOW! -- but wowie wow wow. Unlike my (cough cough) NaNo novel (cough cough), the characters and the dialogue sparkle and burst and are so wonderful that you just can't possibly imagine how much fun you're going to have when you start.

And Jarrod and I still have five episodes left, plus Serenity (the film that tied up the loose ends after the show got canceled because Fox is an evil butt bag), so NO SPOILERS IN MY COMMENTS!

For reals. I will hunt you down and sit on your head and make you eat one of my husband's famous egg foo young and leftover fish burritos.

You will not like the burrito.

And for fans of the show, here's my favorite moment so far:

I totally want this for my front yard. Anyone want to papier mache me a giant Jayne statue? He'd make an excellent Christmas gift.

What?? I'm stalling????? Nooo. You're crazy! I'm not stall--

Okay. I'm stalling.

Goodbye, then. Back to my regularly scheduled NaNo.


  1. NaNoWriMo? No comment. Blerg.
    Anyhoo, I'm so glad you watched Firefly. Aren't Mal and Simon just dreamy? Please tell me you've seen Whedon's latest project, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!

  2. That is so funny because Brian and I recently watched Firefly for the first time too. I never was really opposed to watching it, I just never got around to it. We borrowed the DVDs from a friend and Brian tortured me by only letting me watch one episode a day. "Savor it" he said and I was about to burst. We finally got through the series and the movie a couple weeks ago and since then I have watched it 3 times and am on my 4th time. I just can't get enough.

    And I would agree that you should see Dr. Horrible. I actually watched it before Firefly but now I am convinced that Joss is a genius. It is pure awesomeness. And NPH is so much fun. Plus I have a big crush on Nathan Fillion now. Shiny.

  3. Yes, yes...it is sucking. But on a positive note, you former NaNo winner, I lost last year and it all still worked out.

    On a seperate note, a friend and I pushed each other through a 5000 word writing day. If we do it again, you're welcome to join.

  4. MAGGIE! I love that puppy dog. I suppose she's not a puppy anymore. Does she still lick people so much that they nearly drown from the slobber?

    Thanks again for coming to the reception! And for the compliments. You are too kind :o)

  5. Gretchen -- YES! Dr. Horrible = so fab!! Luuurrve NPH. (And Simon and Mal. Yes and yes!)

    Kelly -- You know, I totally wondered about you guys, because I know how much you love Buffy. Wish we could watch Firefly together! (And Brian was soooo right to insist upon savoring it! We're trying, but it's hard.)

    Jolie -- FIVE THOUSAND WORDS? You are my hero(ine)!!!

    Jamey -- Ohmyword, does she EVER. I had forgotten about the tongue. Though I'm not sure how.