Danny Boyle Saves Cinema (Again)

A quickie post while I'm out of town. Yippee! I'm visiting friends and family in Phoenix. It's so brown here, but in such a beautiful way. Nice to be back on my old stomping ground.

(Even though it looks NOTHING LIKE my old stomping ground. Seriously. It's as if all of the shopping complexes in Scottsdale fell into a Xerox machine and someone hit the "100 copies" button. WHERE DID THEY ALL COME FROM?)



Slumdog Millionaire just opened in limited release, and if you happen to live in one of those shiny happy cities, GO AND SEE IT!

I was lucky enough to catch it last Sunday, as it was the closing film at this year's Asheville Film Festival. And oh holy nachos, people. Just when I thought cinema had nothing to offer this year . . . along comes Danny Boyle.

Danny Boyle, aka Director Supreme of My Universe. My all-time number one most favoritest A++ director everrrrr.

In the hands of most, this story would be depressing beyond belief. (It's about being a child in the slums of India.) But one of Boyle's strengths has always been infusing any situation -- no matter how dire -- with humor and hope and humanness, or humane-ness, or whatever you want to call it, but never in a way that feels like he's manipulating you. (Cue the sad music! Zoom in on the quivering jaw!)

He's too smart for this. He trusts us to make our own conclusions.

And I don't want to go on and on because (A) I'm on vacation, remember? and (B) I will bore the britches off you because have I mentioned how much I LOVE DANNY BOYLE??? Because I DO.

So instead, here are four reasons to see Slumdog:

(1) The music. Boyle blends film and soundtrack better than anyone. Perfection as usual.

(2) The cinematography. Gorgeous. Also as per usual. And in INDIA this time.

(3) The acting. I don't know about you, but I'm always wary about movies with young children in the biggest roles. Sometimes they're awesome. But often . . . cringe. But Boyle proved he brings out the best of children in Millions, and he did it again here. They were the most real people I've seen on screen in a long time.

How great is that face?

(4) The color yellow.
Used symbolically. Very cool! Watch for it.



And thank you, Mr. Boyle. Please please please never stop making movies.

(Because I luufff you.)


  1. Utah's usually on top of these things, but no Slumdog Millionares for us yet. Curses!

  2. Hey, Steph! Do you love Danny Boyle? Cuz I'm not sure you were convincing! I just saw a recommendation for this movie on the tube...on a channel I shouldn't be watching (Okay it was E and I enjoyed it) because I should be NaNoing. The reviewer said it's one of the best movies of the year.

    Okay, side note: Have you noticed how our NaNo resistant friend...you know the one...has a higher word count than the two of us combined? Aiy yi yi...I've got to get to work!

  3. Jolie -- I KNOW! Isn't she awful??? Just THE WORST. How dare she ;)

    Gretchen -- "Curses!" Hee hee. I love that.

  4. Hey! You better not be talking about ME up there! I don't want to go on and on about how awful my book is so far, but it IS. Wondrously, dismally awful.

    And thanks for rubbing it in about Slumdog. Portland is not a "limitted release" city. As such, we saw Role Models last night instead. It was very funny, though.

    Have fun in Phoenix! "Brown" is the opposite of what it is here now. Raining so much there have been floods. Cars carried away, people rescued from car roofs. Very Dramatic.