The Return of Good Television: Pushing Daisies + Ugly Betty

I took the advice of a friend today.

I took the day off. Well, not the whole day -- the afternoon and evening. Let's not get crazy here.

For the last week, I've suffered from a titchy wee bit of COMPLETE AND TOTAL burnout. Revisions aren't progressing, the novel will never be done, I'm going to miss my new deadline, and blah blah blah, poor sad pitiful me.

I'm kind of a wreck.

I've been spending my days at work (the one that pays, that is) fantasizing about being kidnapped and taken to a remote location with no writing equipment and being forced to watch BBC period romances for an entire week. Or two.

Or how about this one? The daydream where I quit BOTH jobs and run off to South America to live in a treehouse community. All I'll do is order books off Amazon (to be delivered TO the Amazon) and sit in my tree and read. Giant fantasy tomes, classic romances, swashbuckling adventures, graphic novels, and, of course, tons of young adult literature. And when I need to stretch my legs, I'll walk through the rain forest and discover new species of orchids and name them after characters in the books I'm reading.

Edmond dantesum

My friend suggested perhaps it was time for a break. She was right.

So this afternoon, I put on my sock monkey pajamas and watched the new Sense and Sensibility, which I had taped last spring. It's a CRIME that it has taken me so long to get to it, but there you go. That pesky novel thing getting in the way of my fun again.

It was wonderful, of course. But more on it later.

After S&S, I took a nap. A delicious two-hour nap. And when I woke up, I discovered Jarrod had baked a chicken pot pie (Yes. He baked while I slept. How amazing is that?) which we then devoured in front of the television set.

I KNOW! I sat in front of the TV twice today! Oh, how I've missed you, television.

And then . . . I finally saw the first episode of Pushing Daisies.

I had pre-ordered the DVDs and -- in a moment where everything aligned in the universe -- they arrived today. Last fall, I heard such great things about it, but before I had the chance to tune in, BLAMO! Writer's strike. (Which, you know, I supported. But it still sucked.)

So it was exciting to finally be able to watch it, nearly a year later.

I loved it, of course. LOVED. IT. I can't wait for more! We're going to watch an episode every night, so we'll be ready for the premiere October 1st.

I will find time for it.

After Lee Pace & cherry pies & technicolor tile floors, we took the dogs on a walk. The temperature was perfect and the moon was plump and have I mentioned autumn is in the air? I love the smell of autumn. The only slight frowny face was when we had to cut it short due to a Strange Moving Shape on the street ahead of us.

Because that was the moment we remembered that last night my neighborhood had another BEAR sighting.

I mean it was probably just a large cat or a dog or a beaver or something. But better to be safe than sorry.

So . . . when I was researching the new season of Pushing Daisies, I realized Ugly Betty starts next Thursday. Yay!

It's such a fabulous guilty pleasure. What an amazing cast. I love America Ferrara, and the supporting characters are some of the best on television. Justin! Hilda! Marc! Amanda! (Becki Newton - Amanda - has the best comedic timing.)

I can't wait to dive back into this lovely sparkly telenovela, and find out if Betty has gone to Tuscon with Henry or to Italy with Gio.

The first season, I was smitten with the adorably nerdy Henry, but last year, he turned really . . . eh. Such a disappointment. Anyone else feel this way? Thank goodness for Freddy Rodriguez! As far as I'm concerned, he was the highlight of television last year. Gio is such a funny, charming, charismatic character. My screen explodes with joy every time he pops up.

Or maybe it's just me. Exploding.

So my vote? Gio all the way, Betty.

(Not that we'll get any real answers in a season-opening episode.)


I was going to write a special Sense and Sensibility Smackdown (1995 vs. 2008), but I'm sleepy so I'm headed to bed EARLY for once.

Yes. Two a.m. is early now.


  1. Here be the pinky-swear pep talk! Good for you, first of all, for taking a the eensiest bit of time to refill the tank. Second, you are working harder and progressing more than most. You know it, I know it, anyone who's been reading your blog knows how hard you are working. That deadline is pushing you forward, even on the days that the work seems to be standing still. Your dedication is inspiring me to push forward, too, and I can't wait to virtually fist pump on the Sept. 30 and say, Way to go, whether we're finished or not.

  2. Wow, Jolie. Thank you. What a wonderful comment :)

    (And "virtually fist pump"? LOVE it! I can't wait either!!)

  3. Oh, can't wait for the S&S Smackdown. I was just revisiting the BBC P&P. Yes, Colin Firth is still yummy. And I ADORE Lydia in that version.

  4. Yay, you did it! And Pushing Daisies and S&S in one day! Heaven. I still haven't seen that S&S; must hijack Netflix queue (Jim, avert your eyes.)

    And. . . bears?? That might have been a really big beaver? You must have, um, really big, umm, you know, err, river mammals with flat tails. . . in North Carolina!

    I hope it is okay that I outed our Remote Writing Cabin back & forth on my blog. And your Darcy fantasy. Let me know if it's a secret. (shhh...)

  5. Actually, I think beavers are mythical creatures like unicorns because I have NEVER SEEN ONE IN PERSON. There is a small lake nearby named Beaver Lake, but I think it's like crop circles -- someone comes in the middle of the night and hacks away at the trees and builds the little stick dens.

    But the bears are real. I've seen pictures of them in front of my house. Big ones. With claws and everything.

    WHAT??? YOU TOLD THE WORLD I FANTASIZE ABOUT MR. DARCY? HOW COULD YOU???? That is a SECRET I have never told anyone else EVER!!

  6. Anonymous6:42 PM GMT-5

    I've had this uncontrollable impulse to catch Pushing Daisies ever since I glimpsed a commercial for it however I'm still oblivious to the plot line! Sure, he pokes some dead dude and then they guy comes back to life, but what about that romance? The mystery? The excitement? I'm missing it all. *tear* Life sucks!
    I'd order the DVD's as well if my cursed parental figures allowed me to. Gawrsh...this is the torture teenagers must have inflicted upon them.

  7. Jehsyka -- Ooo, yes! Order it or rent it if you can! I think you'll like it. The catch with his bringing-the-dead-back-to-life thing is that once he brings them back, he isn't allowed to touch them again or they'll permanently die. So he brings back to life his true love, but then he can never touch her! (So they kiss through beekeeping suits and bodybags and plastic wrap -- sounds weird, but it's completely adorable!)

  8. Yes, Gio. Totally. Henry Schmenry.