In Which MTV Interviews My Husband and a (Semi-)Secret Is Revealed

Why, yes. That IS a picture of my husband being interviewed by MTV at the Chicago Hilton.


Oh. Holy. Monkeys.

This would be the "VERY exciting news" I mentioned last week. It's time to come clean. Ah-hem. As many of you know, my husband drums for a local band, Lewis (which is, er, on temporary leave as everyone is out of town for the summer & they're replacing a member).

Well. For the last year and a half, my husband has had an alternate musical career. A successful musical career. A (semi-)secret musical career.


That is to say, my husband writes and performs songs about Harry Potter. His band is called Gred and Forge, and he creates music from the perspective of the Weasley twins.

You read that right.

(Cough cough.) Perhaps now that you have the definition, you understand why I haven't mentioned it here before. I mean, it's kind of exhausting/irritating to defend yourself. But now that HE'S BEEN INTERVIEWED BY MTV (!!!), it's time to come out of the broom closet.

But before I get into this crazy-great week we just had, how about a Wizard Rock Primer for the Uninitiated?

In 2002, two brothers -- Joe and Paul DeGeorge -- created the band Harry and the Potters for a backyard summer cookout. Basically, they sang songs written from Harry's point of view. The response was a LOT bigger than they had anticipated and, encouraged, they made an album and took it on tour, playing at libraries across the country.

Harry and the Potters (with Gred and Forge, of course!)

Demand grew, a second album was recorded, tours were con
tinued and . . . two years later, The Whomping Willows and Draco and the Malfoys emerged. Shortly followed The Remus Lupins, and a movement had begun.*

Now there are 450+ bands. Yes. Over four hundred and fifty bands are writing music just about Harry Potter! That's a LOT of music being created.

The community is pretty incredible. Anyone can take part in it. Some bands are as complicated as full on drums-bass-guitar and others are as simple as one guy singing into his computer's microphone. And everyone supports everyone.

But WHAT'S THE POINT you might ask? Well, to steal from The Wizrocklopedia:

"At its most basic level, wizard rock celebrates and promotes literacy . . . but wizard rock fans and creators are involved in other socially conscious endeavors as well . . . The HP Alliance seeks to motivate fans to take a stand against tyranny, genocide, global warming, and more, using parallels to the book series . . . [bringing] light to the fact that the challenges and horrors Harry faces are similar (if not reflective) of those that we face in the real world. The music and the fandom celebrate standing up for what is right, making a difference in the lives of others, and putting a stop to the evils in the world."

Pretty sweet, huh?

My own wonderful husband donates 100% of the profits from his CD sales to Book Aid International, and last Christmas he took part in Jingle Spells, which raised over THIRTY THOUSAND dollars for the same charity! WOW!

So we Potter fans may be nerdy -- and quite aware that this is the equivalent of Trekkies with guitars -- but we're also Pretty Darn Good People.

Here are some of my favorite songs, all very very funny, which you can listen to in their entirety on MySpace:

"Save Ginny Weasley" -- Harry and the Potters (the song that started it all)
"My Dad Is Rich" and "Your Family Is Poor" -- Draco and the Malfoys
"Draco and Harry" -- The Whomping Willows (my VERY favorite)
"P is for Patil" -- Tom Riddle & Friends
"Teenage Werewolf" -- The Remus Lupins
"Krum" -- Justin Finch Fletchley and the Sugar Quills
"Cedric" -- The Moaning Myrtles (nice Twilight jokes in this one)

And, of course, Gred and Forge. My favorites online are "History of Magic" and "Our Fireworks Say Poo."

So when Jarrod started this a year and a half ago, we had NO IDEA what was coming. My husband signs autographs. Receives fan mail. Tours across the country. At shows, HUNDREDS of people sing along to his lyrics, and people approach him shaking with nervousness. One girl even got a tattoo of his album artwork! Talk about feeling humbled. He's been interviewed by this magazine and now . . . MTV.

So. MTV.

He was invited to play at Wrock Chicago, the 30-band festival that kicked off Terminus, a ginormous Harry Potter conference. Normally, he goes solo, but for this he recruited the hilarious dudes from Tom Riddle & Friends and Bryce of The Quaffle Kids to back him up. His set was awesome, and I've never been so proud!

Ty, Shawn, & Jarrod

Check out the crowd! There were at least 300 people jumping and singing along to his music! He had one of the largest (THE largest?) crowds of the afternoon.

It wasn't until after his set ende
d that I found out the GIANT CAMERA that had been blocking my view the whole time was freaking MTV! And they had taped his whole show! They took his phone number and asked to set up an interview the next day.

Giddily, we moved on to the big show, the six headliners. Jarrod had toured from Phoenix to Boston this summer with The Remus Lupins as their drummer, and was asked to drum again at the conference. Woo hoo!

While waiting for the show to start, I met Xaiver, my hair twin. And then I made this weird face.

YAY! The show begins. And they ROCKED!

I never heard the final numbers, but there were between 800 - 1000 people sharing the HP love that night.

And the next day? The phone call from MTV. I swear, I don't remember the last time I was so excited. They wanted to int
erview him! For music HE WROTE AND PERFORMED! And though MTV doesn't mean the same thing to us that it did when we were in middle school, it was a huge honor and dream come true.

I totally embarrassed him. I was like, "Can I take a picture of him holding the microphone?" I mean, COME ON! That's the microphone of my youth. They were quite polite and understanding, but Jarrod insisted on making a funny face.

Sorry, hon!

So that's my news. The rumor is that it'll be used for a new segment, "Wizarding Wednesdays," after the success of their "Twilight Tuesdays" this summer. They taped a few different bands and are editing them into a small series.

Keep your fingers crossed that they don't cut his words to make him sound silly! (Or turn it into a "look at all of these dorks" kind of thing.) I'll let you know when they air. I don't know whether it will be online or on TV or both or what, but whatever happens...

I am SO PROUD of my Rock Star Husband.

* = Technically, The Switchblade Kittens were the first to write about HP with their song "Ode to Harry" in 2000, but Harry and the Potters are credited with creating the wizard rock genre. Which was proved when hundreds of people rocked out to the Potters at Terminus, compared to - oh - about 30 for The Switchblade Kittens. Yikes.


  1. That is the coolest thing I have heard in decades. Seriously. You guys become more and more interesting by the minute!


  2. Wow! That's super-exciting. Congratulations to both of you. There's so much awesome stuff going on in your lives right now!

    Now I have to tune into MTV for the first time since 11th grade. (Okay, so that's a lie. Whenever I'm home sick, I end up watching True Life and Engaged and Underage. And My Super-Sweet Sixteen. Sometimes. Ahem. . .)

    Keep us updated on Jarrod's Gred and Forge doings! We'll come be part of the happy nerd crowd sometime.

  3. Oh, my goodness. I am so going to blog about this. I love you guys!

  4. Kelly Wilder8:58 PM GMT-5

    Yay, now I can finally tell people. So glad that the news is out. I am so excited for you guys. I know this has been a labor of love for you both.

    I can't wait to see the segment, it'll be the first time in years that MTV has been worth watching.

  5. I'm just back to say that my husband just fell in love with your husband last night after I made him read this blog post. He spent the rest of the night listening to wizard rock!

    HP geeks unite (because we are the coolest people on earth).

  6. Thank you, everyone!!! Wow! Thanks for being so kind about this. (It was scary to come clean!)

    Elise -- I can't WAIT to tell Jarrod; he's going to be so flattered! Have fun wrocking out!! Yay for Harry!

  7. Elise,

    Your husband is awesome. Send him my love.


  8. I LOVE it!!! This is totally exciting though I am sad because I do not get MTV up here - just some weird Canadiana version which plays at 2AM on a normal channel. You know, I kind of knew about Jarrod's secret because I had inadvertently stumbled upon something about him & Harry on the internet. But since he mentioned that it was a secret in said internet item, I thought I should like be all secretive and not let on to you that I knew. Of course typing this now, I just sound like a stalker.

  9. HA HA HA!! Oh, Deb, that is so awesome you knew!!

  10. HI!!!! I´m writing a paper on canon vs. fanon Ginny for college, and I´m using Gred and Forge's song "Ginny gets around"!!!

    I´m wondering if I could get some info on the band, so I could include that,