Hurrah for Me (and BBC's North & South!)

My new boyfriend. He is very moody. I'll get to him later.

was a Very Important Day. Not only was it Tanabata, one of my favorite holidays (any excuse to make a wish!), but it was also the self-imposed due date for my latest novel. Just a new draft, mind you, but still a reaaaally big deal. I used to say, "Oh, I'm a WRITER. You can't push CREATIVITY. No deadlines for me, thank you vurry much."

This, of course, is total hooey.

Who was I kidding? In school, I did every project at the very last moment. Why did I ever think I could write a novel without deadlines? And why did it take me so long to realize this?

And here is the scariest bit. Because I have the scarlet "U" upon my chest ("unpublished"), the only person in the world who will assign a deadline to me is . . . me. And the only person who will ensure that deadline is reached is . . . me.

Can I tell you that is a lot of pressure on . . . me?


So reaching this goal was a huge, huge wonderful thing. It's hard to describe how amazing it was to print out my novel and feel the weight of it in my hands and be able to TOUCH this thing that's been in my head for so long. I had a reaaally rough draft completed several months ago, but now it's BIG and REAL and NOVEL-SHAPED.

And now I have two lovely weeks of vacation from it, until I have to dive in again with revisions. So I'm starting my new novel (yay!), and drafting a query and synopsis, and spending many many hours . . . sitting in front of my television.

Which is -- sadly -- not that unusual for me. The difference? Now I don't have to feel guilty about it! For two weeks! WOO HOO!

This is what I've been watching:

Did you know Keira Knightley made a Robin Hood movie? Well, she did. It was a made-for-tv Disney production called Princess of Thieves, and it was her first starring role. And yes, it's cheesy. And no, this was NOT the first time I've seen it. I have a life-long love affair with the Robin Hood legend, and I love Keira, and it's always fun to indulge one's guilty pleasures, no?

And it really is good, all Disney/made-for-tv-things considered.

The Ruby in the Smoke, based on Philip Pullman's novel. My main motivation in viewing this was MORE MR. TILNEY. Did it deliver? Ah, most excellently. A fun film with Victorian murders and shipwrecks and stolen jewels.

And Mr. Tilney.

The big surprise was Julie Walters AKA Molly Weasley, who made a fantastic, terrifying villain. They're airing it again on PBS this September, along with the second offering in the series, The Shadow in the North. Yippee!

Missed a few episodes of The Office this year, due to that pesky novel thing I've been working on. All caught up now! Sooooo hilarious, as always. And, seriously, if NBC does anything to mess with Jim and Pam's relationship, I will be CRUSHED. I'm terrified they'll make things rocky and unstable for them when there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON.

They are PERFECT for each other, you hear me NBC? Resist the temptation! Let them be!

I am so scared.

And lastly -- THE GREATEST THING OF ALL -- North & South.

Have you seen this yet??? I'd heard about it, but silly me, assumed it had something to do with the American Civil War. Only last week was it brought to my attention that it's actually a BRITISH PERIOD ROMANCE!

EEK! North & South is SO. FREAKING. AWESOME!!!

It has all of the right elements -- a handsome, brooding gentleman, a feisty heroine, and TONS of passionate "oh I hate him/oh I love him" scenes. I don't want to spoil the plot here, so I'll just say the script was fantastic and made me kick and squeal and rewind many, many times.

It was an instant I MUST GO BUY THIS MOVIE kind of movie.

Mr. Thornton, brooding passionately, as per usual

And let's face it. It had, like,
one of the greatest kissing scenes EVER.

And you know how I feel about kissing.

The other amazing thing was that not only was it one of the greatest love stories I've run across, it was also this incredibly complex, fascinating look at mill towns and unions and the class system. And the supporting cast was SO talented, and all of the characters were full and multi-faceted and interesting. I got so much more from this than I would have imagined, and now I can't WAIT to read Elizabeth Gaskell's novel.

So if you haven't seen it, rent it!

And if you HAVE seen it . . . let's talk about Mr. Thornton, shall we?


  1. Oh, Oh, Oh! I can't believe there are Sally Lockhart movies! How could I have missed that. I LOVE those books.

    How do I get a hold of North and South? I'm kind of TV illiterate.

    I just rented Princess of Thieves for my kids (AGAIN)

    Have you been watching the BBC Robin Hood show?

    Good for you for setting deadlines AND meeting them. I have a September 1 deadline for my draft and, um, the summer seems suddenly very very short.

  2. Congrats on meeting your deadline! So awesome. (And so not something I've been capable of lately.)

  3. Elise --

    If you have a good video store (maybe an independent or a really BIG Blockbuster), they'll probably have North & South there. It was a four-part miniseries, and it's on two discs. I borrowed it from a friend who Netflixed it for me.

    I loooove that your kids are watching Princess of Thieves! YAY! I haven't seen the BBC one yet. I've heard not-so-good things about it, BUT that's never stopped me from liking a Robin Hood thing before (obviously). PLUS I just found out that the guy who plays Mr. Thornton in North & South plays Guy of Gisborne in it! EEK!!

  4. Ohhh, Guy of Gisborne is one of the treats in the BBC Robin Hood. Yes, it is a bit repetitive, you know, town gets pillaged, Marian is threatened, Robin triumphs AND breaks the Merry Men (and one woman) out of the castle jail. BUT. I do love the characters and there are some hotties. I recommend a few episodes and not the whole season.

    I found Ruby and North South at my library. Duh. It was a slow brain day yesterday.