Happy Happy Fourth (on the Fifth)

Hope you had a lovely July fourth (whether you are 'merican or not). We celebrated by doing what we do best.


Our friends Sara and Jeff came over, which is always great fun because we enjoy OUT GOURMET-ING each other. This time all four of us cooked, and we went for a traditional Fourth cuisine with a Fancy Pants twist. So for anyone concerned re: my diet while Jarrod was out of town (Cheetos, marshmallows, and burritos), I proudly present yesterday's menu:

+ Turkey burgers stuffed with bleu cheese, peppers & onions (on organic whole wheat buns)
+ Dill potato salad
+ Tomato and peach salad
+ Beet salad with goat cheese & pistachios
+ Grilled corn on the cob
+ Watermelon (and watermelon juice!)
+ Bananas Foster pudding
+ Strawberry shortbread (with homemade whipped cream)

YUM! Seriously the best Fourth of July fare ever. We stuffed ourselves until we could not swallow a single morsel more . . . and then we had dessert.

Then we walked to the lake for fireworks . . . and then we had more dessert.

My kind of holiday.

The fireworks were at a new venue, but the same patriotic CD was in attendance. John Philip Sousa, Lee Greenwood, and Bruce Springsteen were present and accounted for. This is always a source of amusement for me -- "Born in the USA"? Does anyone even listen to the lyrics? Not exactly complimentary. Springsteen must get a migraine every time it's played as a "HELLS YEAH, AMERICA!" kind of anthem.

Either that or he thinks it's really funny.

I think it's really funny.

I think this picture is funny too. Very Laini & the Mango.

Later I got in a picture-taking kind of mood and snapped many terrible photos of Jarrod brushing his teeth. I will spare him the embarrassment of sharing those here. Instead, here is a picture of my cat Refusing to Pose.

"Tumnus! Mr. T! Look at Mommy! TUUUMNUUUSSS!"

The cat is v
ery good at ignoring me.

I hope this means he is now a Moody Teenager, and therefore, will soon be a Mature Adult. I am tired of this houseplant-eating, feet-attacking kitten phase.


  1. HA! "BOOOORN in the USAAAAA" -- HA! As a 4th of July song? Damn that's funny. THAT reminds me of the Arrested Development episode when Michael and Maybe (sp?) sang a duet of "Afternoon Delight" on the karaoke not realizing what the song's really about. HA!!

    Oooh! And your menu sounds fanTAStic! Yum! And good for you on the doubling-down on the desserts! Nothing more 'merican than excess! ;)

    And the difference between (most) cats and dogs is always funny to me. A dear dear friend of ours was in the hospital for 4 days undergoing chemotherapy and he was doing a video-blog about his days there. When he returned home, he video'd his arrival, and his wife had to go grab their cat and put it on his lap. The cat sat there for about 1 second while he was petting it and then it jumped off and ran away! "Missed ya dad! Now stop touching me! And leave me alone!" If they had a dog, it would NOT have done that...

  2. Ha ha! You are sooo right -- it was such an Arrested Development moment!! Best. Show. EVER!


    Your poor friend! Oh man, my cat would totally do that to us too. That's why I'll always be a dog person at heart. I love Mr. T, (even though he IS a turdbag), but nothing beats a happy face & a wagging tail when I've been away for a while :)