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GaspShudderMoanWail (Sob Sob Sob)

What. Did they DO. To EDWARD???

Please tell me they are kidding. Please please say this is a bad joke. How could this happen? What was that conversation??

EW employee #1: [copy of Twilight in hand] "Hmm . . . he's beautiful . . . cold marble skin . . . sparkles in the sunlight . . . crap, a makeup job like that could take all afternoon!"

EW employee #2: "Yeah, and my daughter's softball game starts in fifteen minutes."

EW employee #1: "Okay, think. Vampires are pale right? What do we have around here that could make his skin pale?"

EW employee #2: "I have half a bag of all-purpose flour."

EW employee #1: "PERFECT! Just make sure he unbuttons his shirt before throwing it on. It's gotta look sexy."

In much less scary cinematic news, a bunch of new pictures for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince were just released. Yay! Check them out here. I LOVE this one:

And how awesome is Hellboy II going to be tonight? Woo hoo! I'm happy it's getting such great reviews. Rotten Tomatoes has a nice interview with Guillermo del Toro here (in which he also discusses plans for The Hobbit, as well as here, where even more fanboy-esque Middle Earth questions are answered).

And I just read that Doug Jones (Abe) also played both the faun AND the pale man in Pan's Labyrinth. Which totally makes sense, but I never would have realized it. Cool!


  1. Ha! Oh, you made me laugh out loud at the coffee shop and now people are looking at me weird.

    Flour. Ick. I thick they could have at least thrown in some glitter glue and a good overhead light.

    My daughters LOVE Luna Lovegood. They named their kitten after her (the boy one - go figure). I'll have to show them the pics.

    Must write. Must write.

  2. HA HA HA!! Glitter glue. Snort.

  3. Oh God, I thought of you when I saw that cover of EW. Yuck. I'm really trying to be open about the movie but the actors aren't what I picture in my head for Bella & Edward. And, Guillermo del Toro is so awesome! He spoke at his screening of Pan's Labyrinth at TIFF and he's hilarious and fun! Oh, and he encourages people to e-mail him because he is always looking for random people to appear in his films.



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