There Will Be Blood (And Milkshakes) Party

Speaking of Pie & Bedazzler parties -- last post -- my fabulous friend, Sara, recently emailed me pictures from our There Will Be Blood And Milkshakes birthday party last April.

This is only half of the milkshake ingredients. Why yes. That IS an empty box of pumpkin-flavored Jell-O pudding.

Sara and her husband, Jeff, in their campaign for Cutest Couple Ever, have the same birthday. How cool is that? And not only are they amazingly talented musicians (Sara is the greatest piano teacher EVER, and Jeff writes moving, dark country, both solo and with Creech Holler), but they are also ridiculously attractive:

See? Don't be jealous my friends are so hot.

Although, I am not sure how it happened, but ALL of my friends happen to be extremely good-looking. Really. All of them.

Which means if you're reading this, YOU must be my friend, therefore, YOU are Very Attractive too.

Congratulations! You're hot!


To celebrate their Big Day, we made, like, twenty milkshakes and watched There Will Be Blood. Because nothing says "Happy Birthday!" like Daniel Day Lewis bursting a vein.

"I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!"

The overall consensus was that it was good, but nothing we need to see again. The highlights for me were:

Paul Dano - weird and cool, as always
Jonny Greenwood's dark, string-heavy soundtrack
The plaid suit Daniel Day Lewis wore to the premiere:

Seriously. How awesome is that?

As far as the MILKSHAKES were concerned, Jeff won with a scrumptious peanut butter/chocolate ice cream/coffee ice cream combo.

The loser was my nasty concoction:

We may look like drunk sorority sisters, but really we're just laughing at how disgusting it is.*

It's a pretzel milkshake.

I thought, mmm, I like chocolate-covered pretzels. What about pretzels and chocolate ice cream? Gotta love that salty chocolaty combo, right?


Pretzels + Ice Cream = Mealy Sludge

And now you know.

* My hair is in its in-between stage here. The first time I went to Beauty Parade (gotta love a retro-themed salon), I asked for a HINT of blue. I went back only four days later because it was so awesome, I needed more! Plus, er, everyone just thought I was wearing a headband.


  1. Oh, good! It's nice to know I am hot. Especially since I am un-showered, sweaty, and covered with garden dirt! But, hey, everyone likes something different.

  2. You are way too kind. Good thing that you and Jarrod are extremely good looking because Jeff and I only associate with good looking people (as you do).

    That milkshake party was the best! We gotta think of more themed parties.

  3. Elise -- Garden dirt is totally hot! You're a babe!! :)

    Sara -- Oh, I know. I see someone who is only SEMI-attractive and I'm like, "Go away, Ugo. Only supermodels for me." (Ew, I just totally repulsed myself with my own joke! Going to go hide my head in the sand now.)

  4. Thank you for saying I'm hot when I am getting over the rash from hell all over my neck! I needed that!

    Your Chocolate Pretzel Milkshake made me lmao! I totally get your theory though.