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Lost + Found

I've grumbled a lot about work lately, something I try not to do. (Stop laughing, Jarrod. I said try.) Because I have a GREAT job.

You know, for a job.

But my work philosophy tends to run very Peter Gibbons:

"I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything I thought it could be."

YES! I'm with you, Pete.

But with school out -- and beach trips and long car rides planned -- the library is swarming. And after another frustrating, exhausting day, I need to remind myself why I have a Good Job.

So here goes.

A) My coworkers are awesome. Really, they are. Best ever.
B) Walking to work & eating lunch at home every day.
C) Finding letters addressed to Greek gods.

Wait . . . what was "C" again?

In contrast to my list of nasty things found in library books, here is one FANTASTIC thing a colleague pulled out from the back of Mythology a few weeks ago (sorry for the blurry factor, it's a photocopy).

If you can't read that, it says:

Dear Poseidon,

I really like you. Can you please show your self to fairview north carolina?


Has a better letter ever been penned? I thought not. And that's why working in a library is pretty darn cool after all.


  1. Jeremy told me you guys found that note the other week, and I laughed so hard I almost impaled myself on a spatula. Between this and the little girl who plays the accordion, I'm beginning to think you're monopolizing all the visits from adorable children in the county!


    (Was she at my branch or Pack?)

  3. That is so cute! Kind of makes me want to write a bunch of random notes and seed them into books all around my library. How about starting a secret society of finders of library book notes, the notes all having instructions to a particular blog or something.

  4. She was at your branch! Ask Jeremy when he comes into work on Thursday. Apparently she was so cute she made him "rethink his position on children." (Not sure what that means, exactly.)

    I love the idea of hiding notes and interesting things in books. It would be like living in Found Magazine! This zine I read called The First Line did a promotion where they hid vouchers for free subscriptions to their magazine in specific books in bookshops across the country. They posted a rhyming couplet on their web site that was supposed to be a clue to which books held the vouchers. Kind of the same idea, but the other way around.

  5. Ooo, guerilla art! That'd be so cool! Makes me think of these fabulous websites:

    (And I looooove Found Magazine.)



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