The Lady Lorelei + Linkage

My dear, sweet, wonderful friend Paula -- talented writer, editor, cheerleader, and (cough) personal shrink -- has a new baby girl! Her name is Lorelei and she is the cutest baby EVER and I am going to steal her when Paula isn't looking.

I'm sure she won't mind.

To celebrate Lorelei's arrival, I put together this gift. The first part was a box of SUPER AWESOME children's music. Thirteen CDs that an adult can listen to all the way through without gnashing their teeth or cursing purple dinosaurs. In case you're wondering, Elizabeth Mitchell, They Might Be Giants (Yes! They write children's music!), Jack Johnson, The Beatles and The Monkees (my own mixes) feature heavily.

I made the bibs with the help of Sublime Stitching. I've used these kits before (for Amber's adorable son), and they are so easy and fun. Don't you want to embroider a tea towel with a gnome? Or a pillowcase with a pirate?

I like how Lorelei's name came out in the tattoo font. I'd do the stars on the other one differently next time, but I still love the message. (And I don't think Paula minded my little writing dig - hee hee - I couldn't resist!)

In other news . . .

I've been sick for the last week, and I've spent way too much time online. But look at all the cool stuff I found!

My hero(ine), J.K. Rowling gave an incredible, inspirational speech at Harvard last week. For the video, MP3, and transcript, go here. I think it takes a lot of guts to talk about failure and the power of imagination to HARVARD.

I love her!

I also found out about a COOL NEW MOVIE, The Duchess. Keira Knightley! Ralph Fiennes! PERIOD COSTUMES!! Why didn't I get the memo sooner?

I assume the lemonade (bottle of urine?) is NOT in the film.

And if you're a fan of costuming like I am, you should check out this website, in particular, the glorious Marie Antoinette page. My heart explodes with joy every time I look through it.

My next novel - which hopefully I'll get to start in July! - has quite a bit of Versailles fashion inspiration involved. I love the crazy wigs and giant dresses and total disregard for practicality.

Okay, and how cool is this? Parrots never cease to amaze me. (I've actually got a parrot in my next novel too. Can you tell I'm ready to move on? Sheesh.)

Lastly, I laughed out loud at this Onion article, "Michel Gondry Entertained For Days By New Cardboard Box." And, YES, I'm a huge Gondry fan.

Enough wasting time. Back to writing! The current novel will never get finished unless I pry myself away from here long enough to write it.

Which is too bad. I'm still looking for the little writing elves to finish it up for me. I know they're around here somewhere. Maybe hiding in my attic? Underneath my weeping cherry tree? In my sock drawer?

Must keep looking. Never give up hope!


  1. Do we all blog before writing for the day? Oh, how much more I could get done without giving into the obsessive need to gather little images and bits of trivia from the internet!

    I am SO SO ANXIOUS to see JK Rowling's talk . . . but I am lurking in an internet cafe far away from my kids - writing. Really. I swear. I am about to write.

  2. Boy, you said it! It's sad, but I often wonder how much I'd get done if only I walked away from the internet a little sooner every day...

    Of course, I'd make the excuse somewhere else. Like, "Ooo, I should really do another load of laundry. Hmm, those flower beds need weeding. I should probably clip my toenails. Right now."

  3. Wow, the bibs turned out super-cute! I love the tattoo font.