Greatest. Husband. Ever.

This is how much I love my husband.

Friday night. We decide to make Greek salads and French onion soup for dinner. Jarrod offers to go to the store, so I can stay at home and read (see how awesome he already is?). Twenty minutes later, the characters I'm reading about start eating ice cream.

Suddenly, I must eat ice cream.

Emergency call to Jarrod. He's already left the grocery, but he heads back (see??) and picks up a NEW list of groceries. And when he arrives home, we immediately, simultaneously confess we would much rather eat ice cream than soup and salad.

And the great thing is we can. Because we are adults. Mature adults!


So this was dinner: a giant bowl of vanilla ice cream, bananas, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, and SPRINKLES. Lots and lots of SPRINKLES.

And what goes better with an ice cream sundae than thirty minutes of horror-film deaths? I loved how we were both like, "Yeah! Now's the perfect time to watch Monsters, Murders & Mayhem: a fast-paced concert of highlights from the murderous career of Tom Savini."

I mean, ice cream and monster beheadings. Hand in hand, right?

This was not the end of his awesomeness. Yesterday, my super-cool JANE AUSTEN ACTION FIGURE arrived in the mail, and when I told him I wanted to go shopping for an action figure boyfriend for her, he didn't say, "That's weird."

He said, "Okay."


She's wondering where my copy of Northanger Abbey is. (Check my nightstand, Jane. I'm re-reading it. Again.)

To rectify the lack of Mr. Darcy-ness/Jarrod-ness in Jane's real life, I've decided to give her a whole HAREM of boyfriends in her action figure life. Except I've never heard of a word that means "harem of men." (Have you? I am genuinely curious.) Enter Jarrod's new word, a perfect word:

Jane is going to have a Gigolodeon.

We went to Target, but the pickings were slim. I'm not about to set her up with a Transformer or Darth Vader. So my quest turns online. Perhaps these lads:

Jack Sparrow -- I hope he can set down those swords. Don't want to scare her.
Mutt Williams -- Jane would dig the leather jacket. (And Indy is too old for her.)

Who else do you think she'd like? Suggestions?


  1. Ooh yes, being a grownup is wonderful! Sometimes Jim and I have pancakes for dinner, and that always seems like such a treat. (Especially when followed by dessert!) Jim tends to be fairly adulty about nutrition, though, so we don't do that stuff as much as I might if left to my own devices!

    It does indeed sound as if you have a wonderful husband. And. . . it just occurs to me. . . I read this post earlier and didn't get a chance to comment, and I related to Jim how Jarrod went to the store so you could read, etc etc, and then, this evening, I was taking a break from revisions and reading a little Darcy, when it was discovered we had no red peppers or mushrooms to put on the pizza we planned to make for dinner! And Jim very graciously volunteered to go to the store, even though I was manifestly not doing anything important. Sweet. And he did come back with icecream sandwiches, but we buy those every time we go to the store, so I can't say there was any inspiration there!

    As far as a boyfriend for Jane, I'm trying to think. . . how about an Angel action figure (from Buffy). He's kind of like a vampire version of Darcy. Cool, slightly glowery, man of few words. Hot. Eh?

    A good comic book store ought to have a much better selection than Target, anyway!

  2. If I hadn't met Jarrod in person already, I might think you were making him up!

    I've seen a Vincent van Gogh action figure made by the same people who made the Jane Austen doll. It even has a removable ear! I think they would get along famously.

    And being a grown up rocks sometimes. You get to buy liquor, get tattoos, and eat a pint of Haagen Dazs and some crackers for dinner if you want to! It kind of makes up for having to work for a living and not having enough time for fun reading.

  3. LOLOL - Gigolodeon - love it! Jarrod could come up with his own language I'm sure!

    So I think Jane might like Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood (I know I do) (link to action hero figure pic: http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000ICD0Q6/scifiozbooks) and he's British to boot! Though they are from two different worlds - she being an 18th or 19th century girl, depending on how old you think she is in her action figure incarnation, and he being a 51st century guy...

    But then I'm thinking Jane might like a rock star because she would never have had a rock star back in her day, what with there not being any electric guitars. So I think either Elvis (and you have TONS of action figures of him to choose from in various sizes!) or I like the idea of Jon Bon Jovi (link to action figure pic: http://www.spawn.com/toys/product.aspx?product=3278), because he's still hot.

    I'm starting to think that Jane is going to be a very lucky girl!

    Oh, and ice cream for dinner - the best! I've done ice cream and popcorn (popcorn as the appetizer and ice cream as the entree). And of course, chocolate is good for dinner too! Hee.

  4. Kelly Wilder7:16 PM GMT-5

    This post makes me miss you guys so much. And I think Jane totally needs Bruce Campbell As Ash From Army Of Darkness Action Figure.