Last Weekend + Blue Hair Update

Last weekend, Jarrod and I found a store I've heard rumors about - a bulk Amish foods store in Mars Hill. And check out our haul! We went in for a treat or two and wound up with more than we could carry. Super cheap organic bulk food, plus lots of Amish goodies (pumpkin butter & fig jam & cheeses) and dried fruit (mangoes & papayas & strawberries). YUM! We'll definitely be going back.

Afterwards, we drove into downtown Asheville with the vague idea of buying some art. Our walls have been looking bare lately. Nothing sparked our interest, but I DID find a pretty necklace at Woolworth Walk. It was made by Honeybee Handmade Jewelry, and it has blue and green and teal beads on crocheted copper wire. It matches my hair! You can sort of see it in this picture:

This is the first picture of myself on this blog. It looks like one of those restaurant reviewer pictures in the newspaper, although I'd be a pretty terrible reviewer with my blue hair. Couldn't exactly be sneaky.

So speaking of BLUE HAIR, an update:

- I LOVE IT! So, so happy. I've decided to keep it for (at least) the summer. Probably longer.

- I have to remember to pick up fallen hair in the bathroom. If I leave any in the shower or sink, they leave little blue trails behind when swept up!

- My hair grows fast. I already have considerable roots. Poo.

- Midnight blue fades to blue-blue which fades to peacock blue. But all of the colors match my new necklace! Ha ha!

And I have a few more celebrities to add to my Blue-Haired Menagerie:

Aquamarine! A mother and daughter duo reminded me about her at work. Which made me happy, because that movie was totally a guilty pleasure. Tween movies always are. Shh, don't tell.

Cia Soro from the Swedish ex-band Whale. One of my husband's favorites. (The band AND the girl.) You may remember their single "Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe" from the mid '90s. And if you don't, you think I just made that name up.

Matthew Lillard in SLC Punk! Dude, I loved this movie. I watched it like four times in the theater and played the soundtrack to DEATH. Would I still like the film today? Who knows, but I do still love his hair. How could I have forgotten Stevo?

Time to bake some cookies. Let me know if I'm missing someone...


  1. LOVE the hair -- you must keep it. I didn't know how long I'd keep mine, but now it's hard to imagine going back to normal! And yeah: roots suck. Who knew hair grew so fast?? I wish I could just magically tranform it like Tonks.

    That Amish store sounds like fun!

  2. I completely agree. The blue hair looks awesome! It's the perfect shade of blue, too.

    I ALMOST bought one of those do-it-yourself magenta hair dye kits at the drug store the other day, but I thought Jesse might freak out a little if I came in with pink hair on my very first day of work. Besides, the people at Beauty Parade would probably do a better job!

    Oh, and I know that Amish store you're talking about. I went there on a sales call during the (very brief) time I worked at the Asheville Daily Planet. They were incredibly nice and gave me some dried pineapple. I have to take Jeremy there some time.

  3. Aw, shucks. You both are so kind! Thank you.

    Laini - Dude. Your pink hair is SO FABULOUS that someday people are going to write epic poetry about it.

    Alexa - Your first paycheck is totally going to Beauty Parade! (Amanda does my hair there. She's awesome.)

  4. I LOVE it! Your hair and your necklace look b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

  5. Anonymous4:55 PM GMT-5

    Hobo Humpin was (still is) great!!!! It was 20 years ago... :)

    Adam from Łódź - Poland