SCBWI & Laini & Faeries (oh my)

Would you forgive me for a moment while I squeal like a fangirl?

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Laini Taylor commented on my blog on Monday!!! HOLY CUPCAKES!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEKK!!!

Whew. Thanks.

I needed that.

In other excellent news, I'm going to Washington this month! I've just signed up for this. So many amazing people are going to be there - Mo Willems, Arthur Levine, Chris Crutcher, Kirby Larson, my dream agent (whose name will not be mentioned for jinxing purposes), and - oh yeah - LAINI TAYLOR. And I'm totally taking her workshop. The description:

"Laini Taylor will discuss generating ideas for a fantasy novel or series, plumbing the depths of nature and world folklore to enrich your ideas, building a world your readers will want to live in, creating characters they will want to be, and weaving it all together into an intricate and satisfying plot. And, she’ll give out buttons. And maybe candy."

For those not familiar with her work, Laini is the author of the fabulous Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer. She has a lyrical way with language that makes me shiver with jealousy (in a good way), and she's created an incredible world of tattooed, devil-fighting faeries and an enchanted forest I'd give my left foot to live in. Or both my feet. And my legs.

She's also the author of the most helpful, enthusiastic writing advice online, Not for Robots. And she has a wicked beautiful, sparkly, colorful house, and she is generous on her blog with pictures of it. And she has pink hair.

Check her out! The Amazon reviews don't lie. Laini rocks.


  1. Oh, wow, I'm jealous! That looks like so much fun.

    And thanks for turning me on to Not For Robots. "Shoo, robot, shoo!"

  2. I think it is awesome that you are pursuing your dream. I believe that you are going to get to wherever you want to go in your writing! :) The conference sounds like fun and right up your alley. I'm going to a conference right up my alley next month (it's not writing but I'm sure you can guess!).