You've Been Warned: The One-Panels

Strange and happy news. A colleague of mine enjoyed my James Patterson You've Been Warned first sentences-thingy and posted about it recently on her (considerably wittier and more popular) blog. And it seems that people are getting a kick out of it! I found out today that super-talented Linda Causey is working on a series of one-panel cartoons based on each sentence. Here are my favorites so far:

Hurrah! This makes me so happy!

And speaking of, here are two more reasons why I have the tingly stomach jitters:

So how much am I LOVING Masterpiece right now? (Apparently they have dropped the "Theatre," as if that actually makes a difference - it's like Lil' Bow Wow dropping the Lil'. Whoopity-freaking-do, says I.)

But back to the question at hand - just exactly how much am I LOVING the Jane Austen-athon?

SO MUCH, people. SO MUCH.


  1. I really love the fat guy in the orange shirt. I definitely like him more than Capt. Wentworth.

  2. Poor Wentworth! You shock me, sir, indeed.

  3. SO cool about the One-Panels, Steph! You're famous! Okay, I am seriously bummed that I missed Persuasion. I love that novel so much. I actually think it's my favourite Jane Austen work. Even more so than Pride & Prejudice.