It's (almost) too late to reminisce about 2007...

but I'm doing it anyway. Because, frankly, time on Planet Stephanie runs a little bit slower than Earth's Universal Time.

And you know what else? I don't do top ten lists either. I mean I try, but sometimes that top ten standard is awfully rigid. I wanted to create a Top Ten Films list, but there were so many movies I loved this year. And even after narrowing down my longlist (veeeeery looooong) to a shortlist (tiny!), I still had three too many. What to do?

After grappling with this dilemma for a time much too lengthy to be admitted publicly, I gave up trying to cut them. After all, it's my list, right? So instead, I proudly introduce:

My Top NINE Films of 2007 (+4 bonus)

Nine, because the last four are equal in Stephanie Excellence and cannot be ranked. Not all of my choices are Fancy Pants Critically Acclaimed Films, but these are the nine (plus four) that I enjoyed the most. That I talked everyone's ears off about. That I'm going to talk your ears off about. Right now.

+ Four (in alphabetical order)

Atonement - Loved the book, loved the movie. Joe Wright's Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorites, and I was eager to see his second film. Heart-thumping romance? Check. Gorgeous cinematography? Check. Ridiculously good score? Check. Not as many critics are talking about this aspect of the film, but Wright teamed up again with Dario Marianelli to create an incredible soundtrack of solo piano and keyboard typing. Crossing my fingers that they team up for a third film. (And fourth. And fifth...)

The Darjeeling Limited - Either you're sick of Wes Anderson or you are not. I am not. Naturally, I enjoyed this movie (and its short, Hotel Chevalier) as it was just like the others. Matching Luggage + India + Jason Schwartzman = Awesome.

Once - First of all, it's got the best soundtrack in years. Second of all, it's so simple: Boy (unnamed) meets girl (unnamed). They talk. Hang out. Make music. That's it. And it's all you need.

- This is the kind of movie that will see some serious DVD rotation in my house. It's a nice combo of light and dark humor, making it perfect for a sick day or a lazy afternoon or any other moment in which romance, adventure, and magic are needed.

MY TOP NINE: Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!
That is, to say, this one. This blog right here. Hi.

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