Tonight at 9:00 ET, Masterpiece Theatre is starting the Greatest Thing Ever Aired On Television:


I know, right?

If I were a Yorkshire terrier, I'd totally be piddling the floor right now.

PBS is airing an adaptation of all six novels, plus a new movie called Miss Austen Regrets ("Courtship she knew well; only the last act eluded her. A film biography that dramatizes Jane Austen's lost loves."). Frankly, the Austen biopic sounds de-press-ing (I'd much, much, much rather see this), but it's all very exciting nonetheless.

Tonight they're showing the 2007 version of Persuasion. I'm especially excited because I've never seen an adaption of this novel before, nor one of next week's Northanger Abbey. Hurrah!

Here is the complete schedule:

January 13: Persuasion
January 20: Northanger Abbey
January 27: Mansfield Park
February 3: Miss Austen Regrets
February 10, 17, 24: Pride and Prejudice
March 23: Emma
March 30, April 6: Sense and Sensibility

Naturally, P&P is the Colin Firth version, which is As It Should Be. After all, it is the definitive Jane Austen adaptation.

Although . . . I have a confession.

While it's quite true that I love (and own) the Colin Firth version - and have seen it way too many times to be considered healthy - I prefer the Matthew Macfadyen version. Which I know admitting this in a JASNA conference would get me stoned, but there it is.

I prefer this wet Darcy:

To this one:

So sue me. (Except don't.)

Ah hem. Well, now that I've managed to post TWO pictures of wet Mr. Darcy, I think it's safe to say this blog entry can get no better. So without further ado - on your mark, get set, TIVO!

Or if you kick it old school like me - on your mark, get set . . . VCR!


  1. Augh! I missed Persuasion and I haven't had a chance to read Northanger Abbey yet. I like to read books before I see the movies, but I might have to make an exception.

    I think a web site devoted entirely to pictures of wet Mr. Darcy would be very popular. You should go into business.

  2. Dude, I think a wet Mr. Darcy website would be my homepage.

    I hope you got to see Northanger Abbey. So good!!

  3. And of course this Sunday is Mansfield Park (and you know how I feel about this Jane novel). My cousin and I were having a discussion about Colin Firth this week and wondered if the only reason why we liked him was because of P&P. But then we listed off a bunch of his other movies that we had seen/liked, and decided it wasn't a fluke. P.S. He's my favourite Mr. Darcy.

  4. Yes, I am commenting on a 3 month old post, because I just feel compelled to note that any wet Darcy is a good wet Darcy.

  5. Ah, teacake - truer words have never been spoken! :)