A Long Post About the Dark & Humorous

I love dark humor. Edward Gorey, Tim Burton, Charles Addams -- these are my people. And the last few weeks have been particularly kind.

Jarrod and I recently did back-to-back black comedies: Shoot 'Em Up and Death at a Funeral. Both rocked.

Shoot 'Em Up has no character development and very little plot, but, well, that's the point. And I loved it for that. In fact, it probably has the most literal title of any movie I've ever seen. Don't like the title? Won't like the film. But I never stopped laughing. (Best use of a vegetable onscreen.) My local film critic extraordinaire, Ken Hanke, sums it up best: "Perhaps the most refreshingly creative explosion of pure bad taste to come our way in far too long."

Gracias to Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti for making this, because without them, it would have sucked. Hard.

(Speaking of Clive Owen, my friend Deb got a glimpse of him at the Toronto International Film Festival last weekend, and I am still burning with jealousy.)

So the best way of describing Death at a Funeral is that it's British. And if you like British humor, chances are pretty good that you'll like this film. Again, I loved it.

I won't spoil any of the best bits here, but it was wonderful to see so many great character actors in one ensemble -- Ewen Bremner (Spud in Trainspotting - my favorite film of all time), Kris Marshall (Colin - "And he's got a big knob!" - Frissell from Love Actually), and Alan Tudyk (best described to my husband as "you know, that guy from A Knight's Tale with the sticky-upy red hair").

And, of course, it was nice to see Mr. Darcy again. Who reminded me a bit of a British John Cusack, but that's not the point. What was my point? Oh yeah, the movie rocked!

Oddly enough, I've just realized that both of these films currently have a 67% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I'm a little surprised that the scores are so low, but then again, I often forget not everyone has same sense of humor as me. Which must account for the Wayans brothers still being allowed to make movies. 'Cause seriously -- it's creepy to shrink a grown man and dress him like a baby. And not creepy-good like a ghost story but creepy-bad like a child molester.

In other news of the dark and weird, John Waters visited UNCA this week. Huzzah!

Jarrod and I went to hear him speak, and we weren't disappointed. The man's sense of humor is as sharp as his mustache. I can die a happy woman now that I've heard someone use the phrase, "I trade deer meat for crack."

And finally, in future news of the dark and weird, I'm really looking forward to Sweeney Todd.

Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, AND Alan Rickman? Not to mention Sacha Baron Cohen and the lovely gothic princess, Helena Bonham-Carter. December will be fabulous.


  1. Okay, just another Toronto fact (like you want to hear about my damn city anymore) but Shoot 'Em Up was actually filmed here. Yes, Clive lived in T.O. for almost 6 months. But do you think I stumbled upon him anywhere? Of course not! Not that I didn't try (for my cousin, not for me!)!

    BTW: I love Edward Gorey!

  2. It's worth repeating -- I am so jealous! I need to move to Toronto. Hee hee. Too bad you didn't see him though.

  3. I seriously am thinking about going through your hole blog because everytime I read a post I think we are friends. Mimi had my sister Debbie and I watch Death At A Funeral. (Debbie was the red head at Project Book Babe, Mimi had the dark long hair) We laughed so hard we were crying. Debbie's husband rewatched the poop part like 5 times.