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Summer Sauté

It's amazing how, more often than not, the simple solution is the best solution (is the hardest solution to see).

Case in point: Our kitchen earlier this week. The little counter top space we have was spilling over with striped zucchini and yellow squash and tiny okra and golden potatoes, all piled into these crazy toppling, wobbly pyramids. Most of these vegetables were from our own garden and a few were gifts from our neighbors. All were in the way.

We were exhausted. We were hungry. We were clueless. Debating back and forth between dinner ideas (Indian lentils and rice or that easy lasagna recipe? Black bean enchiladas or pizza?), we were so close to the logical solution that it actually took us ten minutes to get there. I mean, how were we supposed to make dinner with all of these stupid vegetables in the way? Heeeey, wait a second . . .


So we chopped up several space hogs, plucked an orange pepper from the garden, minced some fresh garlic and thyme, sprinkled on the kosher salt (using my new favorite toy), and plopped it all into a skillet with some olive oil and . . . poof. The best meal we've eaten in months. And clean countertops.



  1. amber nicole brooks8:54 PM GMT-5

    Wow, that looks great. We've been doing some intense sauteeing over here also, as my Dad has somehow grown a whole lot of miniature bell peppers (red, yellow, orange--awesome!!!) that all need harvesting at once. And of course, the tomatoes keep coming in. Wish we lived close enough to veggie swap!

  2. Okay, this post had me in stitches! Stupid vegetables, haha! Don't be calling those vegetables stupid! I love that there are all these vegetables in season right now. Tonight I had some yummy orange zucchini with sea bass plus a cucumber salad.

  3. Oh, and that picture below of Mr. Tumnus? I'm convinced that he needs to join Cirque Du Soleil (what the heck is he doing in that shot?).



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