All About Neil

Several months ago, I scrawled this across an index card and hung it above my pink writing desk: "You can take for granted that people know more or less what a street, a shop, a beach, a sky, an oak tree look like. Tell them what makes this one different." -- Neil Gaiman

In honor of Stardust opening today, here are a few of my favorite things online related to its very talented, very creative, very kind creator:

Neil reads "Crazy Hair," a clever little poem, in this video.

Neil's daughter, Maddy, interviews him in this excellent audio snippet.

Neil's friendly, entertaining journal hangs out here.

And finally . . . ask Neil's oracle anything & receive the answer "guaranteed to be perfectly applicable to your situation" (and yes, for the record, mine was).

Neil is one of my favorite writers. If you've never had the pleasure of reading his work, I highly recommend it. He has one of the most original, unique voices in modern literature. You can't go wrong. His adult novels are as good as his children's novels are as good as his graphic novels are as good as his short stories are as good as his poetry are as good as his picture books. But Coraline is a nice place to start.

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  1. Hmmmm, I'm scared. Should I try Neil's oracle? All I know is that tarot cards & me aren't getting along lately. And Stardust looks like a bee-u-ti-full film.