Meet the Pups

What was I thinking? I've been blogging on and off for two years now (okay, more "off" than "on"), and somehow I haven't posted a picture of my pets. How can that be? Usually dogs and cats and hamsters are rolled out within the first week.

So here they are. The furry reasons why I vacuum twice a week. That's Sable on the left and Pip on the right. They're both around ten years old, although Sable acts it much more so than her brother. She has her eyes closed in sleep about 95% of the time, only daring to squint them open for food, bathroom breaks, and nighttime walks.

We've had Sable for almost four years and Pip for one and a half. Both were adopted — Sable from the Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue and Pip from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of East Tennessee. Weirdly enough, we've never lived in Tennessee. Just our dogs.

We brought Sable home to appease my desire for a dog, but she actually had the nerve to fall in love with my husband instead. Sure, she thinks I'm OKAY, but when Sable looks at Jarrod, she has hearts and stars and the moon in her eyes.

Naturally, this wouldn't do.

So we peeked around online again and found Pip. I fully confess to asking his foster mom if he preferred men or women, and I was thrilled when she answered, "Well, he tends to hang around me more than my husband." Good enough for me! We quickly tucked him into the backseat of our car and brought him home. And, thankfully, it seems she was right.

Now we both have a dog and all is good in the world, because there's nothing better than a sleeping dog at your feet. Or two.

Like right now.

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