Three Highlights of the Last 74 Days

Hmm. I knew I didn't post anything here last month, but I hadn't realized that I didn't post in February either. How embarrassing! I've been busy with . . . Other Projects. It's time to breathe a bit of life into these pages. Would you mind a highlight reel?

Early February. The first flowers of spring appear in my front yard. Delicate and beautiful, but a bit early (and, therefore, a bit scary):

Mid-February. I get the world's greatest bouquet for Valentine's Day:

March. Forsythia blooms in my backyard. Yow-za, right?:

Hopefully, I'll be back soon! If not, sit tight and enjoy your April showers.

Rain is the perfect weather for reading. I'm thinking Katie Fforde for spring. Sweet and cozy meets silly and sexy. My favorites are Highland Fling, Stately Pursuits, Wild Designs, and Second Thyme Around. If you enjoy English novels about charming cottages and true love, Katie is your girl!


  1. What a perfect bouquet from a very sweet guy! Jarrod is so thoughtful. And, I love all your blossoms...probably gone now due to the freeze ;-( It was so good to have you guys over the other night. We gotta do it again! I look forward to reading a story containing "magic pants" in the future :-)

  2. Hey Steph, I've got to say that I love the Valentine's bouquet that you received! What's the middle movie? I want to say Stranger Than Fiction for some reason? What's blooming in your garden now? I am happy to report that my one & only plant in my condo, my Aloe Vera, is still alive and kicking (it's two and a half years old). That is a miracle for me!