Vote for Lewis?

Lewis, the band my husband — seen here in adorable, chunky glasses — drums for, is doing a battle-of-the-bands radio thingie right now. So this is just a quickie to say that if you happen to be in a generous and giving mood, you might consider giving them a listen and a vote.

Matt (singer/guitarist) has a neat vocal part towards the end that gives me goosebumps!


Woo Hoo + Boo Hoo


• Piano lessons. Thanks to my super-rad, super-sweet, super-super new teacher (Hi, Sara!) I am re-embracing music in a way that I have missed very much.

• America Ferrara winning a Golden Globe for Ugly Betty. I love her. America can make me go from laughter-in-the-belly to choking-back-tears like THAT. She's been one of my favorites since she made me bawl in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (good movie, even better books). Also exciting at the Golden Globes . . . Babel winning best drama! Mexico rocks my cinema world. If only Adrianna Barraza had won best supporting actress!

• Winter is here. For now. Lots of Ash-villains have been praising the unseasonably warm weather (60s, 70s), but to me it means one thing — DOOOOOM! GLOBAL WARMING! I'm totally picturing Greenland falling into the sea à la An Inconvenient Truth. So when the weather dropped into the 30s today and snow flurries began to fall, my heart heaved a humungoid sigh of relief.

• The only sports team I follow is on a ten-game winning streak. Huzzah!

• Cornmeal mush for breakfast. It's delightfully warm and bland in my tum-meh (as the atheist sea ot-tahs from South Park would pronounce it).

This clip of a formerly abused circus lion hugging his rescuer. Animals never cease to surprise and amaze me.


• Now that it actually feels like winter, the heater in my house has broken (it makes these click click click click noises), and the temperature inside is 50 degrees and dropping. Hellooo, long underwear. If I owned any.

• Only having fifteen minutes to get ready for work this morning, because my bed was so beautiful and cozy, and I couldn't possibly have given it up any sooner.