Project: French Memo Board

I took off five days from work last week, and during that time, I managed to get to several projects done. Most fell under "boring but necessary" — sewing up holes in sweaters, dusting windowsills — but a few left me feeling quite excited and proud. Enter my French memo board.

I was inspired by one my friend Amber made, as well as a cool Marimekko-like fabric that I found on eBay (purchased for a failed project last year). I read through instructions here and here and then went for it.

Here were my supplies:

1 piece of damaged art (bought for the lovely large frame — only two bucks!)
vintage fabric
chocolate-colored ribbon
large chocolate-colored buttons
old couch pillow
chocolate-colored pen

Not shown: staple gun and pliers

To be brief, I pulled the art apart with the pliers and then stapled it back together with the stuffing from the old couch pillow used as padding between the art and the fabric. Before placing the whole thing back into the frame, I stapled on the ribbon (pulled as tightly as possible). Then I sewed on the buttons at all of the places the ribbon intersected. Finally, I used the pen to color in the damaged parts of the frame where the lighter-colored wood underneath had been exposed. Ta-da! It took one evening and the help of my husband (he stapled while I pulled) to make it.

Here it is hanging on the wall above my writing desk. I plan to use it for holding notes for my novel, so this is as clean as it will ever be.


  1. Oooh, that's beautiful, especially above the cute desk! I am super envious of your writing desk--I am working from file folders. I love the pink and green and dark wood together.

  2. Hey Steph! This is Leslie here (Matt's wife). I'm not sure if Jarrod told you that he gave me your blog site a while ago, but I've been checking it ever since. I love your new memo board! I love the pink desk too. You have such great taste. I wanna make one now but I am not at all crafty! Anyway, just wanted to let you know I've been stalking you for the past month or so. You can check out my blog too. Hope all is well!!

  3. Wow - that looks awesome!! I love love the colours (yes, I see that particular shade of green REALLY is your favourite colour!). I am so not into being shy with colours! You know, you will have to post a picture of that exact corner once you are hard at work writing! Somehow I doubt it will be all that messy! :P

  4. Is that the desk that we sanded at my place before you moved away? If so, it looks way better than I remember. I love the memo board. It is so very you.