My Super Sweet 16 . . . Desk Makeover

After the nice comments made about my pink desk in the last post, I feel it's my duty to show you what it looked liked BEFORE its super-deluxe 1950s glamtastic makeover. Yes, Kelly, that's the same desk you helped me haul away from the church rummage sale three years ago. And I don't want to tell you exactly when it was that I finished our project, because you might curse my name forever! After all, it took your generous and obliging nature, many days sweating in the Georgia summer sun, several tuna salad sandwiches, and a viewing of A Knight's Tale to get it this far:

The desk also lived a brief and boring life painted white, not long after these pictures were taken. Thank goodness I have no snapshots of that; I think my desk would be insulted if I showed the world its awkward, adolescent years. Besides, it has blossomed well in its new shade of Behr "Sweet Sixteen." Why bring up the painful past?

(Thanks again, Kelly. I don't know what I would have done without you that May.)


  1. Wow, that's quite the transformation - I'm impressed! And I love the name of that paint colour - Sweet Sixteen - ha!

  2. Would you like to come sand my, um, wood paneling, or um, vanity? Really, you did a fantastic job on that piece!

  3. Hey Steph, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a wonderful day filled with lots of goodies & surprises! Wishing you a year of good health & much happiness!