Three Highlights of the Last 42 Days

(1) Visited the Elvis Peanut. There are over sixty-five peanuts masquerading as newsboys, Uncle Sam, and Hooters girls in Dothan, Alabama. I love a town with a theme.

(2) Viva Pedro. I could hardly believe that Asheville was lucky enough to be a part of this film series! My top three viewings (I made it to six of the eight, and rented a seventh): Bad Education, Talk to Her, All About My Mother. I can't wait for this winter's Volver; the trailer looks fantastic, and it got a great reception at Cannes. Plus, Carmen Maura, one of Almodovar's favorites, is back!

(3) Stephenie Meyer's New Moon. I didn't think it could live up to the sheer gloriousness that was Twilight, but by Gobstoppers, she did it again. Meyer is the kind of novelist who is making YA lit so much more exciting than adult lit right now. My fingers and toes tingle when I think about what is still to come for Edward and Bella.

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  1. Notice the chips and cracks. That is because he has been stolen several times but just like the inspiration for the design - he keeps making a comeback.