Spectacular Spectacular (No Words in the Vernacular)

My husband and I took this photograph last October. If you can believe it, the Asheville Area Autumn Spectacular Spectacular (AAASS) is even more beautiful this year than last. It's a shame I'm too lazy to go snap a new picture to prove it! I love living in the mountains. Last week, my breath caught while driving up the interstate — all of those yellows and reds and golds and oranges.

I'm looking forward to these three autumn Ts:

(1) Traditions — Reading "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and following it up with my favorite fall films: Ernest Scared Stupid (a guilty pleasure, MIAK!), The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Scream, and Halloween (even though I try to avoid it, I can never turn the channel away from those early scenes where Michael Myers hides in the bushes and drives around in that beige station wagon — some of the scariest scenes ever filmed in broad daylight).

(2) Trick-or-Treaters — My neighborhood is prime Halloween ground. We get over 300 children. Last year Spider-man was the big costume, and I was surprised to discover that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were still kicking it. Who will dominate the market this year? Captain Jack? Bob the Builder?

(3) Thanksgiving — I'm hoping to visit some family this year, and my birthday follows right after. I've always loved the idea behind this holiday. Not the Pilgrims-giving-the-American-Indians-smallpox thing, but the being-thankful-for-what-you-have thing. It's nice to be reminded how wonderful life really is.


  1. Wow, the Fall foliage IS beautiful!

    I read Rilla of Ingleside every year (right around Remembrance Day) and watch All That Heaven Allows (which I did at Thanksgiving). Love that movie [sigh].

    Holy trick-or-treaters!! What was the big costume this year?

  2. All that Heaven Allows - I don't know that one! Must go find it, because if you love it, it MUST be wonderful. And I adore L.M. Montgomery.

    I was wrong about the Halloween numbers; the numbers are closer to 500 or 600. The big costume was Superman this year! (Although I think there were probably as many skeletons as Supermans.)