Five People I've Been Compared To

I'm told that I look like someone based on one thing alone: hair. Here are five people that I've been told I look like, in order from least-suggested to most-suggested:

(5) Rogue

Sadly, I haven't been compared to the Absolutely Adorable Anna Paquin of the movies, but a coworker once said that I looked like Rogue from X-Men (and pointed at a comic book to prove his point). I think it was this particular Rouge, but sadly I don't know the name of her illustrator. I thought it was cool being compared to a superhero. Plus, I like her stripes.

(4) Pebbles Flintstone

In middle school, I pulled back the front of my hair with an elastic every day. So I had this little POOF of something, right on the top of my head, which led to several Pebbles remarks. Once, I wore a little white rubber bone in my hair just for the heck of it. I kinda liked it. Pebbles had it goin' on.

(3) Clara Bow

As a silent film fan, this one is exciting despite the fact that, no, I don't look like her. I wish I had It, but I can't say that I ever have. But she did have short red hair, and I do have her famous bow lips.

(2) Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink

My sister gets this one, too. I got it again just last week. In fact, I honestly cannot count how many people have said it — department store clerks, teachers, customers, friends, strangers on the street. I don't look like Molly either, but since she's the most famous short-haired redhead, she's the celebrity most people think of first. The strange thing is that it's rarely, "You look just like Molly Ringwald." It's always, "You look just like Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink."

So where's my bad prom dress? Where's Duckie? If I were Molly, I so would not have chosen Andrew McCarthy.

(1) My Granddaughter (or A Girl I Used to Date)

Grandmothers can't control themselves around me. Nearly every week, one mentions that their grandchild has My Exact Same Shade of Hair. Hmm, I say. No really, they reply. It's just like yours but a little lighter/darker/oranger. Which makes it not so just-like-mine, but okay. I understand wanting to talk about your grandchild.

However, I CAN'T STAND IT when people bring up the ex-girlfriend thing.

Enter strange man. "You know, I once dated a redhead . . ." Then they go off and tell me either one of two clich├ęs: (1) She was a bitch or (2) She was a slut. And then they imply that, It's true what they say about redheads, meaning I'm either mean or sex-crazed.

Thank you, creepy old man. Thank you.


  1. #1 is hilarious. I used to get that one too, or I Knew this Other Red Head Once...And, as you know, my red comes from L'Oreal. I once had this old man in a wheelchair (he had me cornered in Big Lots) tell me about how when he was in the service he ended up delivering this red heads' baby in the back of a car, and after that close encounter he was sure she was a natural redhead. Okay, thanks.

    When I had long red hair I got compared to Donna on That Seventies Show--yeah, we don't look alike, but our hair was the same color.

  2. Ew! I know! I've gotten that too (though not in a delivering baby-type story). What on earth posesses men to say that to someone??

    Donna. That's cool! Love me some That 70s Show.

  3. Hahahahahahahaha! This had me ROTF - thanks for the laugh, I so needed it today!!!

    Okay, I do think you kind of look like Rogue (from the one picture I have seen of you) - facewise not hairwise (because I don't think you have any gray going on).

    The Clara Bow comparison is SO cool!! I would like to be mistaken for Jean Arthur but sadly, we know that will never happen given she was blonde and I'm Asian.

    OMG - I would NOT have chosen Andrew McCarthy either if I was Molly Ringwald in Pretty In Pink. You don't look like her at all - sheesh, there is more than one shade of red hair people!!

    Me, guess who I get compared to? *Surprise* - all Asian actresses so.... Lucy Liu, Kelly Hu, Lisa Ling oh, and Kristi Yamaguchi (well yeah, I did figure skate but really). Once some guy at university told me I looked like the chick in David Bowie's video for China Girl. Uh, she was rolling around half-naked on the beach. He even requested the song at the bar we were at. Oh the memories.

    Me, I would love if someone said I looked like Anna May Wong. That would be the silent film star I would most like to be mistaken for. She rocked (still reading her biography).

    And I thought my comments couldn't get any longer. Haha!