"Hypnotized By A Strange Delight . . ."

My lilac is in bloom right now, and the smell is intoxicating. I feel like I live in a storybook cottage every time I take the walk between my front door and my car.

But since moving here two years ago, I've avoided something. My lilac must be pruned. The problem with pruning a lilac — I've, er, read — is that it's a three-year process. And for those three years there aren't any blooms, because the lilac's flower bud is at the tip of the last year's growth (meaning, it doesn't form in the spring). Well, I was going to slash it, hack it, chop it this winter, but I never found the heart (or energy, let's not kid ourselves here) to do so.

Now I'm glad I waited.

Because I've finally made the lilac/My Little Pony Poof & Puff Palace connection. You see, the MLPP&PP had one of those fantastic rubber squeezy perfume thingies on top, and when squeezed, it released this subtle but fantastic scent. I had no idea what it was, but I LOVED that smell. In fact, this scent was so fantastic that my sister once noticed it in her office's restroom soap dispenser and called me immediately with the exciting news. And now I know it's lilac.

Lilac! I have a Poof & Puff Palace in my front yard!

Now I'm on a mission to purchase a lilac/pony perfume. It's always wonderful when the smell of a toy you had as a child — a sweet Strawberry Shortcake doll, the warm, plastic-y smell of an action figure — can trigger such complete feelings of happiness.

And speaking of happiness, the bees must be ecstatic, for I have noticed that pollination looks a lot like copulation:

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